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  1. Duffyjr

    Who Do You Look Like?

    When I was younger my wife always said I looked like Sam Elliott and now she says Jeff Bridges but like others I don't see it.
  2. Duffyjr

    Too Slow !!??

    Nothing like cruising along at 65/70 mph and coming over the crest of a hill or curve to come up on some farm equipment doing 20 mph fish tailing because it's going faster than it should.
  3. Duffyjr

    I feel like I've just committed Bitog sin

    Well if you didn't use alcohol no need for a 🩹
  4. Duffyjr

    Too Slow !!??

    We have a four lane (Hwy 81) that goes from my town south and is 70 mph, problem is every country mile road has access to it and turn lanes at each one plus a few houses have access. In my opinion that is to many access points for that speed.
  5. Duffyjr

    I feel like I've just committed Bitog sin

    As long as you used alcohol on the injection site and then covered it with a band-aid you should be fine.
  6. Duffyjr

    Should I change Oil

    Get with the times man and get some SP in there. On a serious note and more just curious but what does the OLM say?
  7. Duffyjr

    Measuring stairs for to?

    After looking at that again after you said no seams I think I get what you're saying, my experience in laying carpet is about a dozen houses and nothing that fancy. I helped a buddy in the winter when I would get laid off from my masonry job. I'm guessing you would have to cut squares for the...
  8. Duffyjr

    Yes I am so stupid.

    When I got my first shot I thought I had a slight metallic taste in my mouth but figured it was all in my head but I just go back from my second shot and and had it again only a lot stronger. Any one else experience this?
  9. Duffyjr

    Measuring stairs for to?

    Lot of seams in them first five steps so you have to be carful how much you stretch the carpet when installing so you don't reveal the seam as it wears, but not enough stretch and it will start to look bad between the seams. Doing regular steps is hard, I can't imagine doing those.
  10. Duffyjr

    RIP Prince Philip

    I don't mean to sound like I don't care it's always sad when someone passes but I never did understand America's fascination with the whole royalty thing over there.
  11. Duffyjr

    SuperTech oil packaging

    Good enough to get a patent! Not sure if the one below is the right one, it looks like they have several on just the bottle. Five quart bottle Patent number: D882405 Type: Grant Filed: October 1, 2016 Date of...
  12. Duffyjr

    Yes I am so stupid.

    Ya this is me, I try and sleep on my right side and may even fall asleep but I always wake up on my left side which is why I always get shots in my right arm. I would hate to be in pain and not be able to sleep. My first shot was somewhat painful for a few days and started creeping up my arm and...
  13. Duffyjr

    Is this One Good Post or What?

    All of a sudden I smell bacon........
  14. Duffyjr

    Yes I am so stupid.

    You folks that have had both shots would you recommend getting the second shot in the other arm?
  15. Duffyjr

    Best method for using Redline SI-1

    I know the directions have changes since I used it last. I remember it said to change your oil soon after now I don't see that on their site. I also wonder if the UK may have different directions than here in the US.
  16. Duffyjr

    Humor memes, photos, and

  17. Duffyjr

    Your Oldest Things?

    My Grandpa gave me my first gun in 1968, a J.C Higgins Model 30 Semi-Auto Rifle with retractable sling. Not sure who made it but it was sold thru Sears.
  18. Duffyjr

    The tale of gas cans continues

    Big fan of the no spill cans but I keep my old one around just in case I need to put fuel in one of my vehicles.
  19. Duffyjr

    Interstate Batteries?

    I guess my first thought would of been what's wrong with my CTEK. You say it was hooked up the the battery all winter?
  20. Duffyjr

    Too Slow !!??

    Two things I remember from driver ed is all the horrible films they showed us and the instructor always throwing in "drive with the flow".