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    Model trains!

    At the car museum there was a section with a huge model train layout very cool.
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    Beautiful day out by the creek

    Out here in Boiling Springs PA and creek is like 2~ miles from brothers house. Nephew and his friend fishing and trying to catch crawfish. 67 out and sunshine.
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    Creamed chipped beef on toast

    I had this often growing up on a farm. Nothing beat fresh bread and our own cattle. Anyone else like this?
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    Easter plans

    I will be heading out to the brothers house tomorrow morning and to see mom and stepdad since they live maybe 15 minutes from brother. Having a fire in fireplace every night, few Guinness’ too. Will be having a ham dinner Sunday and smoked pork loin Saturday. brother lives in Boiling...
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    Eye of the tiger song

    This song came out in 1982. I was pretty young but remember hearing it later. Great song. Anyone else remember this hit?
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    Dumb question about Russian aircraft carrier

    So, Russia’s lone aircraft carrier uses mazut or heavy fuel oil for propulsion. Anyone have any idea why as I sure don’t? I would think it would use nuclear for propulsion🤔🤔
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    Lone jug of CQ 20w50

    So, came home from a nice hike and was looking thru “stash overload” and I have a lone 5quart jug of CARQUEST 20w50 oil. Asked few co workers and friends, no interest. May put some in a oiler can I have. What would you folks do with it?
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    5.4 V-8 in Ford F-150: what to watch for?

    Worked half day yesterday and went with co worker to finally get his new to him 07’ Ford F-150 extended cab truck. Well kept, minor rust on front right wheel well. Has the 5.4 V-8 engine in it. Mileage is 200,988 also. Older gentleman that was widowed owned it. what to watch out for on...
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    A big Thank You to overkill for the help on this. Bought plenty of this oil for $1-1.15 a quart thanks to AAP
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    PP or Magnatec

    Was talking to aquariscsm and I personally like the Magnatec. The lady friends 2011 Chrysler 200 due for oil change. I have some of the Wal Mart clearance Magnatec. if you folks had both PP 5w20 or 5w30 and Magnatec which would you choose?
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    Unusual photo

    I personally think this is a photoshopped photo. If it is in fact real, I’m impressed.
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    Good foods to help low cholesterol

    Good Afternoon folks. Asking for the real brother in Boiling Springs PA. He is on a low dose cholesterol med. I said I’d stay away from lunch meats, too many eggs and maybe try low fat milk or oat/almond milk (I use and love the oat milk). Thank You all
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    PRO TEC 57502/121 TORN!! CUT OPEN

    So, other day last week when it was almost 70 here; friend stoped over with his 2018 Ford Expedition. Had this filter and some MC Blend 5w30 in and on for 5,400 miles. Vehicle sees 50/50 city to highway driving. Odometer reads 139,330. Pretty sorry filter considering only 5,xxx miles. I...
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    Onions, garlic and leeks

    I will be first to admit; I love a good half or whole raw onion with some olive oil and pepper a day. Raw in fact. Was at local restaurant with Jerry (nuclear plant worker) and great friend and his brother Joe (sleepy Joe) as he’s known and Jerry said Joe will eat a whole raw onion a day...
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    10w30 Harvest King VOA forthcoming

    Good Afternoon BITOGERS. STOPPED AT UPS today and sent off a sample of Harvest King All Fleet 10w30 HDEO. Got it at Rural King for $8.99 Also FYI their 5w40 HDEO is $12~ a gallon now down from $16.99. I will post the 10w30 HDEO voa when I get it from wix lab 🇺🇸🇨🇦
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    This filter and whatever 0w20 synthetic oil was in and on a friends 2019 Cadillac SUV with turbo DI 2.0 engine. 5,000 miles on both. Vehicle has as of now 19,544 on it. I put some CarQuest 0w20 DEXOS 1 gen2 “clearance oil” and the wix filter # on cross reference thing on can as he got...
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    Off of a friends 2009 Chevy Tahoe that he “had some work done to it” lately. Oil was whatever bulk swill Wal Mart throws in and this. 4,xxx on oil and this. Yeah, it’s ugly, blah blah cue fram haters now. Put some M1 5w30 and a WIX he supplied in and on. 187k on vehicle also and 60/40...
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    Odd find today

    Was out walking this morning and found this near old road over hill from my place. Never saw one so thought I’d ask. Thank You
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    I personally enjoy a few dry walnuts and almonds each day. Or ground up in the Nutri Ninja to add to smoothies. What ones do you folks like/prefer? Happy Friday 🇺🇸🇨🇦