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  1. Danno

    Couldn't take it anymore

    OE Goodyear tires = a story that never ends well
  2. Danno

    Should I change Oil

    Mom's 2004 Malibu may go 4 years between oil changes. Car has 18,000 miles on it. Might get driven 500 miles a year now. It works fine. For your car, a few extra months won't hurt it imo.
  3. Danno

    Illinois Dealers Sue Rivian

    I wonder how service is provided to Tesla customers that are a 4 hour drive away? I launched Smith EV trucks in Canada. They had to fly technicians in from Kansas City to fix them when they went down. And they went down quite often. No fun at all when its a 2 week turnaround on a commercial fleet.
  4. Danno

    Pennzoil Platinum 0W20, 5,825 miles, 2017 Civic 1.5T

    Boring, just the way it should be. Check the air filter re: higher silicon. Looks like 6,000 miles is the sweet spot.
  5. Danno

    Oscar Winning short "The Silent Child"

    Good one, and it lead to this one. Worth a watch as well.
  6. Danno


    If you can find it in your size Pirelli P7+ would work great. Did really well on my son's Mazda3.
  7. Danno


    This, tirerack has 3 sizes for a 2008 Fit.
  8. Danno

    Labor prices at outdoor equip./ small engine shops

    Uhuh, right. I watched South Main Auto do a Ram's exhaust manifolds. I'll gladly pay a mechanic tyvm.
  9. Danno

    Labor prices at outdoor equip./ small engine shops

    Wont happen. Decades of strong unions pushed production line wages to current levels. Mechanics in dealerships or shops work in a mostly non-union environment. Given that, I wonder how many person hours it took to manufacture a vehicle 20 years ago, 10 years ago and now. Must be less. But...
  10. Danno

    All reaction scores set to zero

    Question comes to mind, if you're employed as a full time mechanic, how on earth do you post 6000+ times and still be productive? I know that much time on the phone at our shop wouldn't fly... at all.
  11. Danno

    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    April fools to Trav's point
  12. Danno

    One of the worst feelings in the world if you're a member here...

    I keep my used oil on the other side of the garage of the new oil...but mistakes can happen.
  13. Danno

    Which auto brand dealerships utilize the salesmen/women with

    I work at a Jeep/Ram store. No suits and no slicked hair allowed. Our most successful sales rep wears camo most days.
  14. Danno

    Just Purchased Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II SUV/Crossover

    I have the OE versions (not Plus II) on my 2019 Grand Cherokee. Quiet, decent handling. I would buy them again when these wear out. The only issue so far is they do tend to set overnight, and there is a small vibration the first mile or so until they rollout.
  15. Danno

    I Used to Visit BITOG Daily

    When I post I try to keep it to knowledge I've gained having been in fleet and automotive for 25 years. Folks that seem to post on every topic or seem to try to get their post count up, not alot of patience for that. This site is a piece of sanity in what can be an insane world at times. Long...
  16. Danno

    2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid TGMO 0W16 18,774 unit / 8,970 OCI

    The Canadian Packaging for Toyota 0W-16.
  17. Danno

    Closet Shelves Ideas

    I have the same in my house, they work well, but are a pain when it comes time to paint. Have had to do it once in 25 years. Lowes has them and it is called ClosetMaid brand. Looks like the brand name has changed since I had mine installed.
  18. Danno

    2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid TGMO 0W16 18,774 unit / 8,970 OCI

    Toy 0W-16 has huge moly. Have 5 quarts in the garage ready for my 2019 RAV4 oil change. Changing at 6,000 mile intervals.
  19. Danno

    Anybody here work as a Service Advisor?

    Most shops do flat rate on jobs for mechanic pay, it takes the variables out of it. Mechanics may not like it but holds them to standards. You have to compare to your competition on the $/Hr. Our charge out is $100 USD an hour. Parts markups are 40 - 60%. A lost opportunity for your location.