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  1. PimTac

    RIP Prince Philip A real pillar of Britain.
  2. PimTac

    Autogefühl Review of Lynk & Co. 01

    From Geely. A lot of Volvo influence. It will be available on a subscription basis.
  3. PimTac

    Memories of my first wax job

    I’m sure many of us have a similar story. I was about 10 years old when this happened. One summer day my brother and I decided to wash the family car, a 54 Chevy Deluxe. We gave it a good wash and decided it needed a cost of wax. Dad had a can of Simoniz in the basement so we grabbed that and...
  4. PimTac

    Another Grim Reminder to Drive Carefully During Winter

    I have driven across this bridge many times over the years. It can be slick even during rainy weather. What a horrible way to go. RIP.
  5. PimTac

    Corvair Rampside stolen

    Tacoma is proving itself as the auto theft capital of the country. I saw this story and just shook my head. I hope it is recovered but I doubt it will be. You don’t see these everyday and it looked to be in pretty good shape to boot...
  6. PimTac

    RIP Larry King.
  7. PimTac

    RIP Henry “Hank” Aaron.

    Just breaking across the wires. Another baseball legend has passed.
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    RIP Don Sutton
  9. PimTac

    Man climbs over fence at McCarran airport in Las Vegas and climbs up onto airplane wing

    This happened yesterday. Obviously the man is out of his senses. The ending looks like he did a face plant on the tarmac. As if airline pilots didn’t have enough things to think about...
  10. PimTac

    RIP Charley Pride.
  11. PimTac

    Another Good Dealer Discussion

    Several days ago while driving to the supermarket I started to hear a rhythmic sound coming from the front of the CX5. I sensed it was a tire sound. No TPMS alerts, so we arrived at the store and found no problems with the tires. Headed back home I heard it again so on the way back I stopped off...
  12. PimTac

    Something you don’t hear about every day. A bear strike

    Only in Alaska.
  13. PimTac

    RIP Sir Sean Connery.

    Another movie legend gone and as many would say, the only James Bond.
  14. PimTac

    Valvoline on Rollback at Walmart

    $21.57 for a five quart jug and the ones I saw in my Wally’s were SP/GF6 to boot. Not a bad price for a great oil.
  15. PimTac

    RIP Spencer Davis.

    A great musical mind of the 60’s and 70’s.
  16. PimTac

    New Ford Mustang EV. SUV?

    Well this is bound to upset the Mustang faithful as Ford turns the pony into a crossover.
  17. PimTac

    Long Way Up. Television show on AppleTV

    Anyone else watching this? Since I am taking advantage of a free one year trial of Apple TV I get to watch this. Most of the other programs are junk but this one is actually quite good. Two guys, Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman are riding electric Harleys from the bottom of South America to...
  18. PimTac

    RIP. Mac Davis and Helen Reddy

    Both passed away yesterday.
  19. PimTac

    2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee to use Alfa Giulia platform.

    Not sure if this had been discussed yet. Seems to be a big change for Jeep.
  20. PimTac

    RIP Dame Diana Rigg.

    I remember her from the Avengers and her one role on a James Bond movie. A beautiful and classy lady.