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  1. spasm3

    Lean-To Roof

    I have a 12 x 24 storage shed. It's internally framed with 2 x 4 studs, 16" on center. I want to add an open sides lean to roof, to store my log splitter, and zero turn, run a smoker under it etc. What is the proper construction for this? Can I use joist hangers, and posts on the outer...
  2. spasm3

    More magnetic dipstick pics.

    Here are more pics. As some of you know I run these dipsticks in my generator, pressure washer, and now my log splitter. This is from initial startup and 1hr running on my logslitter engine. A Kohler SH 6.5 hp. Oil will be changed before next use.
  3. spasm3

    Concrete pad for oil changes.

    Ive been thinking about putting in a seperate small concrete pad for oil changes, off to the side of my drive. Keep the oil stains off the main drive. This video makes it look like its easy to do your self.
  4. spasm3

    New cutting edge ammo.

    Not sure if its affordable.
  5. spasm3

    Small engine oil filter.

    On my zero turn ( 21hp kawasaki fr651v) i run a fram ultra 3614 filter. Is there any downside to running a 3600? ( same filter baseplate, filter is just longer)
  6. spasm3

    Log Splitter

    I'm looking at 2 splitters, the tractor supply Country line, and a Champion. The frame on the County line looks stout compared to the Champion. It weighs 50lbs more. Anyone have one of these?
  7. spasm3

    Floodlights with no wall switch

    When our house was built, one corner flood light, has no wall switch. It is hot all the time( yes i've checked every switch). So for the last 25 years i don;t use it, i have the bulbs unscrewed a bit. If you leave the bulbs in, a blink in power switches the light from motion sense to full time...
  8. spasm3

    Clean new halogen bulbs?

    Anyone clean with alcohol new headlamp bulbs, even if you have not touched them? I am replacing headlamp assemblies and wondering should i clean the bulb anyway, in case it was touched contaminated during packaging. Should I?
  9. spasm3

    Box scrape blade

    What is a good brand ? 3 point hitch for 45hp massy ferguson 240 tractor. I want it with the scarifier teeth/shanks. I'm thinking a 4ft so i can offset where the scarifiers dig in with different passes to rip up the potholes in the drive. Thinking about this one. But it may be a bit light...
  10. spasm3

    Central A/C replacement

    Our Bryant central air unit sounds awful on start up. The compressor unit was replaced in 2003, the coil in the attic is original from 1995. So it's time for a new system. I'm thinking go ahead and price out some systems and replace in April vs running this one , having it break and be at the...
  11. spasm3

    Granite Sealers

    What is a good/best granite sealer, what are you guys using on your counter tops? I have light granite and need to seal it. Also unfortunately I have some limestone/ water stains around the faucet to address as well.
  12. spasm3

    Windshield leak

    I found the avalanche windshield leaking today as I drove in the rain. The leak is in the upper driver's side corner. I realize the best option is to just put in a new windshield. But is there a reasonable way to seal it ? I'm thinking about a flowable sealer like maybe headlight lens sealer...
  13. spasm3

    Dawn Wells passed

    I hate that! I liked Mary Ann over Ginger!
  14. spasm3

    Caliper paint on cast iron

    I have an outdoor cast iron fireplace. I changed the color from black to red. I used rust-oleum caliper paint as it's high temperature. Question, should I cover it for winter, or does the paint need heat now to bond? Pics below.
  15. spasm3

    Fiskars 8lb maul.

    Thought I would try a newer maul. It really does absorb shock. It splits really well. Dry cherry in one whack. Hickory took a bit more. Being a wider head , it's not quite as accurate at hitting the same mark , I might not be used to it yet. But I really like it.
  16. spasm3

    Smoking Turkeys for Work Lunch

    3 20 lb birds.
  17. spasm3

    Cast iron welding

    I bought a cast iron casita. Its a fire place and pizza cooker. After 2 uses, the fire box cracked. Blue Rooster shipped another one no problem after i sent pics. They felt it was dropped in shipping and that led to it cracking. But since i have a welder , i thought i would try and weld up the...
  18. spasm3

    Winter gasoline blend

    When does the winter fuel blend change. I need to rotate my generator fuel. Dec?
  19. spasm3

    Pmetric to LT

    Just put LT's on the avalanch. Old pressures I ran were 35psi towing and 40 towing. Discount tire told told me to run 40 psi and 50 towing. Pathfinder Lt265/70/17 Is that enough towing? I'm thinking 60 psi towing. Thanks
  20. spasm3

    2003 avalanche tailgate problem

    This is driving me nuts. The tailgate started popping open while driving. I replaced the side latches , the striker bolts and the center latch with gm parts. With the rods not attached to the tailgate handle, the tailgate will shut and latch. When i attach the rods to the tail gate handle ...