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  1. Zaedock

    Weird private-label tire names

    My daughter is looking for a teaching job and decided to go economy on tires for her 200. She ended up buying Waterfall Eco Dynamic in the 215/55R17 flavor from Walmart. They were free shipped to my house ($200 out the door for 4) so I can mount and balance when she comes over. They don't...
  2. Zaedock

    Help identifying bearing

    What machine? That part number is also used for an 84-90 Escort tranny input shaft. LOL
  3. Zaedock

    Help identifying bearing

    There are likely other applications, but here's what I have: Ford Escort 84-90 Timken LM67049A Manual Transmission Input Shaft Bearing
  4. Zaedock

    What are you eating right now?

    We went old school tonight. B L T's !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Zaedock

    Oil & Common Sense for Small Engines

    In California, they would arrest you. LOL
  6. Zaedock

    Oil & Common Sense for Small Engines

    10W30 in whatever flavor you choose or SAE30 on the really hot days for possible lower oil consumption would be fine. Skip the zinc, no need.
  7. Zaedock

    Can't tap lower ball joint out of place

    If I was there with Bertha (my version of a BFH), I would put the nut on and get it off. I did a few of those over the years when I owned a shop. Bertha is the Goddess of death for stuck components. It's too bad it's not on a lift though, so you can get a nice swing. Give it a couple...
  8. Zaedock

    Can't tap lower ball joint out of place

    Heat is your friend. That and a BFH, and it should pop out. The alternative would be an air hammer. Good luck.
  9. Zaedock

    Conventional gear oil interval

    Nice deal on the oil. I'm getting on Walmart right now! I don't worry about the diffs for vehicle recovery shock. Your axleshafts twist under those loads and soften the blow. Keep an eye on your motor/tranny mounts if you're tugging people often. I typically only change the diffs if I had...
  10. Zaedock

    2017 F150 engine oil and diff fluid?

    Motor oil grades fall into a specific viscosity range. A 5W20 with a viscosity higher in it's range could be close to a 5W30 that is lower in it's range, or if the 5W30 sheers a bit in use, it could drop into the higher 20 grade range. Temperature plays into the oil's viscosity as well, so...
  11. Zaedock

    2017 F150 engine oil and diff fluid?

    I run the same fluid in my diffs. The 5.0L is not picky. I've run everything from Harvest King 5W20 to PP 10W30. Right now it has a 5W20 frankenbrew with 6qt's of Havoline HMSB 5W20 and Harvest King 5W20.
  12. Zaedock

    GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 2.7 GTDI Inline 4?

    I guess they likely did. It's too bad, as that little 2.7 puts down some good torque. There are plenty of uses for low range without rock crawling or driving in a blizzard. I use low range all the time. Firewood, towing the Jeep or quads to a remote trail head, boat ramp, getting into an...
  13. Zaedock

    GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 2.7 GTDI Inline 4?

    I don't mind the powerplant more so that according to TFL's review, the 2.7L equipped trucks do not have a low range.
  14. Zaedock

    Need some welding advice... small 80 amp inverter stick welder

    6011 would work, but I would use 3/32'nd 7018 with new material. It will be easier to work with. I believe 6011 would have better penetration for thicker material, but you're using an 80amp welder. I think 7018 would still be fine to glue it together. My last trip to Moab, UT with my Jeep...
  15. Zaedock

    Change coolant hot or cold?

    Maybe 300* on track day. Around town, about the same as coolant or less under low stress. I think he was referring to the danger of opening a pressurized cooling system. I change my coolant and oil at the temp I like my beer..........cold.
  16. Zaedock

    Preventing Rust on 2015 F150

    I've watched the reviews and while there are better products, I still use Fluid Film. Creature of habit I guess. Seems to work well on my F-150. It's already 9 years old and only has 70K miles but the frame is pretty clean. We live in W.Mass, but lived in NH and my wife grew up in...
  17. Zaedock

    SpeeCo hydraulic filter alternative

    Gotta love the wood hound guys. A couple of days into Spring and most of us are already thinking about next winter.
  18. Zaedock

    Kohler Small engine filter Cut open

    It does look new. Nice Oil/Filter combo!
  19. Zaedock

    How bad is wheel bearing grease on rubber?

    I stand corrected. I was probably thinking of NBR and typed EPDM. Good catch on bad advise!
  20. Zaedock

    SpeeCo hydraulic filter alternative

    I used a Fram P1653A to replace the old Speeco 390601A0 on my 22 ton splitter. I couldn't find a replacement for yours. I did find a note in a County Line 25T Splitter manual.