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  1. edyvw

    Makes you wan't to get a dashcam after seeing these video clips.

    I always tell people that they never flew on an airplane until they fly with Russian crew in organizations like UN etc.
  2. edyvw

    Hard Shift from 4th to 5th gear or a bit delayed despite ATF flush and solenoids replacements

    Do not do flush! Do replacement of fluid. Release fluid and add the amount that got out. Did you change the filter? Also, what transmission Genesis uses? Is it ZF, Aisin etc? And like others said, no additives!
  3. edyvw

    5w50 in place of 10w60 for BMW M3

    Could very well be.
  4. edyvw

    5w50 in place of 10w60 for BMW M3

    Bearing tolerances on S65 are pretty tight. Something else went south here.
  5. edyvw

    5w50 in place of 10w60 for BMW M3

    Something went wrong here with design. Rod bearing in S65 have tight tolerances and XW50 should be maximum. However, BMW from get go went with 10W60. There are numerous topics on this subject and a lot of people run 5W50 Redline successfully in this engine. But, from everything so far, it seems...
  6. edyvw

    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    I am not saying you should go non approved. We are still talking approved VW oil, basically thicker VW504.00/507.00. On Audizine I know where it is gonna go: Rotella, Delvac etc.
  7. edyvw

    2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

    Sarajevo neighborhoods from Ottoman period are built on 14-16% grade if not more in some instances. People climb with FWD all the time, snow tires mandatory in the country. Absolute champion in climbing? Golf II diesel. I climbed every single pass here in winter with VW CC, Blizzak LM60. Is it...
  8. edyvw

    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    No reason to deviate from VW504.00/507.00. But, some of VW 511.00 look really good. If you decide to track, absolutely W40 grade.
  9. edyvw

    2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

    The new one has CVT? Oh HELL NO!
  10. edyvw

    2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

    Towing? yes. Space, minivan still better.
  11. edyvw

    2021 Toyota Sienna Redesign

    Nope, cannot match Sienna, Odyssey etc. I was renting a lot of them when worked at university in athletics. Traveling with athletes, all the equipment? Minivan easily the best choice compared to anything unless we are talking Chevrolet Express, E350 etc.
  12. edyvw

    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    VW511.00 is specifically developed for RS and S models, Porsche with GPF etc. It is used in Europe for specifically those models. Now, is VW504.00/507.00 do a good job? Absolutely. But, if your S is seeing highs speeds, track, etc. I would go 511.
  13. edyvw

    0W-40 Euro Motor Oils Comparison

    LOL. If they only new better stuff available in Wal Mart.
  14. edyvw

    Low Oil Pressure Warning Audi 4.2FSI

    German car? Oil filters: MANN, MAHLE or Hengst. No deviation from that whatsoever IMO.
  15. edyvw

    Ferrari 812 Superfast Oil Consumption

    I thought pick-up trucks with oversized wheels are go to vehicle for that?
  16. edyvw

    Can you imagine buying a 2007 BMW 335i with a 6 speed manual trans with only 3,400 original miles?

    I would buy it. Remedial work: OFHG, coolant hoses, coolant reservoir, maybe radiator, all fluids. Everything else is as needed. One thing on such vehicle with extremely low mileage is that piezo injectors will have to be upgraded to update 12.
  17. edyvw

    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    SO far VW511.00 oils available on the market look exceptional. Motul 5W40 X-Clean Gen2, Mobil1 ESP 0W40 X3.
  18. edyvw

    Unbelievable KC-10 Takeoff

    Tu144 could be a book itself with several volumes.
  19. edyvw

    VW 508.00 Does it really matter?

    Use VW511.00
  20. edyvw

    BMW Returning to Castrol

    I highly doubt start-up wear is an issue. If there is an attempt to reduce wear by using thinner oils it is to mitigate issues caused in engines that do not reach operating oil temperature. That, I can see, but what about those that see? If you google N55 rod bearings, there are a slew of cases...