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    Is this a thing now, or just an isolated nut job?

    I'm on a two-lane country road. It's night. I'm going 60mph. This road has a speed limit of 55, it has some curves and is double yellow line the whole way. There is no one else around until I see a vehicle rapidly closing on my rear. He gets to about 150 feet away then his lights go out...
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    2009 Hyundai Santa Fe "stuck in 4 wheel drive."

    I'm considering buying this car from a friend in another town. It has been unused for a while but he remembers it worked OK except "stuck in 4 wheel drive." Since this is a full time automatic system with no driver controls other than an "AWD Lock" button and light I assume he means the light...
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    Coolant leaking from the back of a GM 3800 series 3

    The car in question is my friend's 2006 Buick Lucerne CX. Coolant leaks from the engine assembly somewhere and drips off of the bottom of the car on the left side, around where the engine meets the transmission, toward the back of the car. It is almost certainly not coming from the water pump...
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    2000 Chevy 7.4 no-start

    Hello all. My friend has a 2000 model year Chevy K3500 truck with the 7.4 liter gas engine and automatic transmission. He started it up normally from cold and drove about 200 feet to where it stalled and would not re-start. It cranks but does not start. I have checked the following: Gas...