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  1. Number_35

    How do I find out who I've accidentally ignored?

    I was surprised to see earlier this morning that I was ignoring a member whose posts I've always enjoyed reading. I had ignored him unintentionally. I did figure out how to "unignore" him, by going to his profile and clicking on the appropriate button. Considering sending him a PM about the...
  2. Number_35

    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan - trailer hitch recommendations?

    Hello all - I plan to add a trailer hitch to our new-to-us 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan. Primary usage will be for our Thule bike rack, but we also have a plug-in package shelf. Both are designed for use with a 1-1/4" receiver. I think I'd prefer to get a Class III hitch anyway, in case...
  3. Number_35

    2009 Mazda 5 - Dead battery, checking dark current

    Hello all - I'm looking for some auto-electric advice. Our 2009 Mazda 5 stranded my wife yesterday, with a no-crank situation. Fortunately this was at home, and I answered my cell phone and was able to step her through finding the battery charger in the garage, popping the hood, using the prop...
  4. Number_35

    1998 Honda CRV 2.4 - fluid/mtce recommendations

    Hello all - Our daughter-in-law's sister (so sort of honorary niece) has asked me to help her learn to do some basic maintenance on her '98 Honda CRV, 2.4 l automatic. I think it's AWD. The timing belt is thought to have been changed recently, by the previous owner. Here's a list of...
  5. Number_35

    Sea Foam - not just for carbon deposits!

  6. Number_35

    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 - Maintenance & Repairs

    This is a continuation of the linked thread, which started out regarding our search for an affordable used minivan, but morphed into a thread about maintenance and repair on the 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan we bought.
  7. Number_35

    2007 Dodge Grand Caravan - Coolant Confusion

    Hello all - We've recently purchased a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.3 l, and I'm changing out all the fluids. The OM calls Mopar Antifreeze/Coolant 5-year/100,000 Mile Formula HOAT or equivalent. @slacktide_bitog recommended Zerex G-05 or equivalent, but I'm having trouble finding it locally...
  8. Number_35

    Reliability of Nissan CVTs - belt vs chain

    Hello all - Talking with a friend yesterday who said he'd committed to buying a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder. It's equipped with a 3.5 l V6 and CVT. It's only got 7x,000 km on it (c. 45,000 miles). He plans to tow a tent trailer with it, perhaps half a dozen times a year, and won't exceed about...
  9. Number_35

    2009 Mazda 5 - front wheel bearing - fearing splined drive axle was will be seized into hub

    Our 2009 Mazda has been making "airplane noise" for a few weeks. I'm almost certain it's a front wheel bearing. (Noise varies with road speed, not engine speed, doesn't change when MT is dropped into N.) I changed the driver's-side wheel bearing almost 4 years ago, and removing the hub from...
  10. Number_35

    A new (to me) bike tire failure mode

    Hello all - I had a weird bike malfunction this morning, while riding from home from church. My wife and I had ridden our fat bikes there (10 km/just over 6 miles), but on the way home my rear studded tire popped off the rim. Puzzled as to cause, I removed my pannier, flipped the bike over...
  11. Number_35

    Solar clock (sundial)

    I was walking in our West End a few months ago, and was intrigued by this sundial-type clock: It was quite overcast, but I had to try it. October 22, so I stood about 2/3 of the way between the October and November lines, which is a real guestimate as they're so close together. My shadow...
  12. Number_35

    Cold bike ride

    This was last Sunday, on the Red River trail. About -30 C, which isn't that bad, but with a howling north wind on the outbound leg. Lots of snow drifting across the trail, and not a lot of others out. Wanted to take more photos, but my phone froze up. The wind blew me home, which was great...
  13. Number_35

    Snow bears

  14. Number_35

    Vehicle sighting - 1958 Edsel Pacer

    Spotted this rare beast while out for a walk last week. I hope the owner is around sometime - would love to know more. It's funny that it doesn't have collector plates - hard to believe it's a daily driver.
  15. Number_35

    Cox 0.49 VW Beetle

    Hello all - First of all, this might not belong in the Vehicles subforum, but then again it might - it is about a fossil-fueled car, after all. About 25 years ago, when my boys were young, Matt, a good friend who didn't have children, gave me one of his childhood toys, a Cox VW Beetle with a...
  16. Number_35

    New to me Ryobi cordless drill and flashlight set

    Hello all. My mother-in-law was organizing her place, and found a large plastic case in her storage room. She figured it was a tool set of some sort, and gave it to my wife, who was visiting, to pass on to me if I wanted it. It turned out to be a Ryobi 18 V cordless drill and flashlight set...
  17. Number_35

    Stephen Hunter describes southern food

    This is an excerpt from Stephen Hunter's excellent novel Hot Springs. I'm not familiar with this sort of regional cuisine, so I'm hoping some of you southern BITOGers can tell me how authentic this would be for the time. (The novel is set in Arkansas in 1946.) I already know what scrapple is...
  18. Number_35

    Misheard song lyrics

    I have always had a terrible time understanding song lyrics. If there's a way to misunderstand a word in a song, I will find it. I think my hearing's OK, but I've always had this disability. I think it's a speech-processing thing in my brain, perhaps combined with my severe lack of rhythm...
  19. Number_35

    1st snow ride of the winter for the fat bikes

    The title says it all. Rode out to a Starbucks for a hot chocolate, and then stopped to check out the freeze-up on the Red River. The pentagonal ice-breaking structure you see in the background of the 3rd photo was completely submerged only a few months ago. Its job is to divert ice during...