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  1. aquariuscsm

    Castrol Magnatec initial impressions.

    We're heading to Houston this weekend for a Bachata dancing competition. Oil life monitor was at 15% so I changed it a lil while ago. I've always been curious about Castrol Magnatec, so I used Magnatec 5W-30. Anyone ever notice how strange this oil smells? Has that "rubbery" atf smell, exactly...
  2. aquariuscsm

    What’s everyone’s favorite bbq sauce and why?

    I’ve had a few favorites. Head Country,Sweet Baby Ray’s,Little Pig,Bullseye,Cattlemen’s.
  3. aquariuscsm

    Royal Purple video series (4 parts).

    What does everyone think?🤔
  4. aquariuscsm

    Anyone use DHEA when working out?

    I’ve never taken it before but I read a lot about it on bodybuilding forums .
  5. aquariuscsm

    Smoking chicken drumsticks.

    I bought a package of fresh drumsticks yesterday. Usually I put them in the Crock Pot overnight then smoke them the next day. Does anyone here put them raw on the smoker? And how about to season them? Only thing I like on the meats I cook is salt and pepper.
  6. aquariuscsm

    Are there counterfeit products at those discount dollar-type stores?

    I was reading online trying to find a couple of my old favorite soaps (Coast and Jergens) and read on the companies' actual sites to beware of buying their products at these types of stores saying they may be counterfeit. Is this myth or fact? I do notice that these discount stores sell products...
  7. aquariuscsm

    Saw a new Corvette the other night.

    Pictures don't do them justice, these cars are gorgeous!!!! Gf and I had grabbed a bite to eat before heading to the club the other weekend, and it pulled up next to us. It was a beautiful white one.
  8. aquariuscsm

    Firestick TV

    Anyone here use these? Can you get the local TV channels with them?
  9. aquariuscsm

    Adding atf to 01 Odyssey>

    My friend was over last night and of course like the rest of us here we can't wait to lift the hood and check the fluids of our friends' vehicles:D Her atf was barely on the tip of the dipstick. But it was still bright pink, clear,and smelled like new atf. I told her to let me top it off asap so...
  10. aquariuscsm

    Credit card principal question.

    I was talking to a friend of mine about why to avoid credit card debt. I was explaining credit card debt vs say, an auto loan. I told her most credit cards charge 20-30%+ interest and that my auto loan is only 2%, explaining principals, interest, etc. Something I always wondered, can you pay...
  11. aquariuscsm

    Turtle Wax Wax and Dry spray wax on newly painted bumper?

    Would this be a good or bad thing to do? I want to give the new paint some protection as soon as possible, and with something that wont harm the new paint.
  12. aquariuscsm

    Got car back from body shop, two issues.

    The headlights no longer come on when I unlock the car with the key fob, as do the headlights no longer stay on when I lock it and close the driver's door, or lock it with the key fob. The horn also doesn't honk when I double lock it withe the key fob. The "passenger airbag off" light is also...
  13. aquariuscsm

    Valvoline said "No moly in Maxlife".

    Valvoline told me they use no moly in their Maxlife full synthetic oils. I was curious because of the recent uoa showing 300+ppm of moly. They told me it's old technology. I wonder what they use instead, and I wonder where that 300+ppm of moly came from?
  14. aquariuscsm

    Berryman High Mileage Oil System Rejuvenator. What the heck is this stuff? Says it contains moly and zinc.
  15. aquariuscsm

    2021 Nissan Altima SR rental review.

    While my Accord is in the body shop, my insurance hooked me up with a brand new Altima SR (has only 500 something miles on it). Fully loaded to the max. Car's build is extremely sturdy. Engine is very powerful. CVT feels amazing. Weird that it actually shifts. I like how cruising it keeps the...
  16. aquariuscsm

    What exactly is "COVID-19 Disinfect"?

    Reason I ask, my car got hit by some dumbass sometime over the past weekend, either at the hotel we were staying at or the club we went to. The rear bumper got scuffed up from the passenger side over to the rear middle. Tried to get video surveillance footage, but nothing incriminating was...
  17. aquariuscsm

    Full quill ostrich boot care.

    Gf bought me these Mexican made original full quill ostrich boots. The brand is called Heritage. How are you supposed to care for them? I'm guessing swing by Cavenders or the like to get some ostrich specific leather cleaner and conditioner? I wonder how often are they supposed to be cleaned and...
  18. aquariuscsm

    Indoor TV antennas.

    Do those things really work? Anyone here use one and can recommend one? We have Directv and only use it for background noise. Going to cut it off.
  19. aquariuscsm

    Valvoline Maxlife full synthetic chat response, asked about moly.

    I was curious about Maxlife after seeing the Nissan Sentra uoa posted here on BITOG. I asked their chat window person this: Hey Zachary,I have a Valvoline question. What is the ppm of molybendum in the current API SP rated Valvoline Maxlife Full Synthetic 10W30? Here's what he told me...
  20. aquariuscsm

    Microsoft "Hotmail" issue.

    When I tried to check my email this morning, clicking the first email to read,I get this message where the body of the email is supposed to be. I Googled the issue and it seems to be widespread with lots of Hotmail users. Anyone else have this issue? I'm using Safari as my Mac's browser. My...