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  1. ZeeOSix

    Inside the Tesla Model 3 Electric Motor

    Interesting video of the Tesla electric motor design.
  2. ZeeOSix

    Dry Ice Cleaning

    Never seen this before - a method of cleaning without damaging components. Thought it was pretty cool.
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    Dark Theme Scroll Bar

    I mentioned this way back when the switch over to XenForo happened. When in "dark theme" the scroll bar on the RH side of the screen is barely visible. See snap shots below. One is from BITOG and the other is from another chat board I use that is also running XenForo software. Same monitor...
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    The Big Theft Craze

    It's going here, but this guy had a $400k stash. :oops:
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    Ford Doesn't Want Mach-E Dealer Markups

    Apparently Ford doesn't like thier dealerships marking up the Mach-E. Ford wants people to buy them ... not walk away.
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    Understanding the Tesla Model S Power Electronics

    This channel really dives into EV technology and the guy tears apart EVs to explain how they operate. Looks like an automotive training University. Long vidoes, but kind of interesting to see the details on how they tick. Look at other videos on his channel too for EV related subject matter.
  7. ZeeOSix

    High Mileage Oils Help Stop Small Leaks ?

    Anyone have success on using a High Mileage oil with respect to stopping small oil leaks? GF has a G35 Infinity with 165k that has a small valve cover leak, and the valve covers are a royal pain to get to on this 3.5L V6. Was thinking of using "Valvoline High Mileage with MaxLife" next oil...
  8. ZeeOSix

    "Smart Phone" on Wheels and Privacy Concerns

    Found this article interesting ... and seems the newer the car, the more likely the case of potential privacy concerns.
  9. ZeeOSix

    Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard

    Anyone use the Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard chain lube? I've used their regular chain wax for decades, and didn't know they have this synthetic lube. Don't know how long it's been around.
  10. ZeeOSix

    Study on Engine Noise Level vs Oil Formulation

    Thought this was somewhat interesting, especially the engine noise level vs oil formulation used data. We've all seen various threads where people say they can hear an engine noise level difference with different oils, and some say it's "all in their head" or "their ears aren't sensitive enough...
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    Mitsubishi A6M Zero Walk Around

    Pretty interesting to hear some details about the Mitsubishi Zero.
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    Android Cell Phone Email Setup Issues

    I've been using the same Microsoft email address for 15+ years. It's been setup and working great on my Android cell phone (LG K20) for about 4 years, until last night when I lost all functionality of my Microsoft email on this phone - I can not send or receive any email. I still have full...
  13. ZeeOSix

    EV Use in Cold Winter Conditions

    Interesting video of real life EV use in very cold weather.
  14. ZeeOSix

    Old Car Collectors & Barn Finds

    I'm just fascinated with these guys who have old cars in great condition (but wasting away) squirreled away in some old buildings in the middle of the woods. It would be pretty cool to be able to look at something like this in person, but guess a video is better than nothing.
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    Polls ??

    I found a few polls here on BITOG, but I can't find the option to create a poll when starting a new thread. Is the poll option turned off now? Poll example thread:
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    Any Mazda 3 Owners Here?

    The GF is considering a different car, and the Mazda 3 sedan is on the list. Looking at 2015~2017 model years. Clean low mileage (~50K miles) models with leather and middle of the road options are selling at dealerships for ~$14K to $15K. Doing some quick research, it sounds like it's a...
  17. ZeeOSix

    Windows 10, Version 20H2

    I have this update sitting in my Windows Updates. Looks like it's the user's option to install or not (ie, it's not installing automatically like most updates). From what I'm seeing this looks like an update on top of version 2004 (which I'm running). Anyone here have the 20H2 update...
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    Like the New Reply Window Setup

    Noticed the post reply window shows a different format now, and it's now really easy to break-up someone's quoted post into smaller individual replies - works pretty slick. Thanks! (y)
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    Only Humorous Photos Thread

    Post up only humorous photos ... no text.