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  1. gathermewool

    Actual MPG Loss Roof Box

    We’re going to drive 1200 miles down to visit my family as soon as we’re all vaccinated, hopefully around Thanksgiving. We took the Legacy last time we drove down and averaged ~30 MPG, but want the extra storage provided by our Forester and Skybox 16 Carbonite (that is 3 years-old and has never...
  2. gathermewool

    Symptoms of bad breaker. Lost all loads

    My wife went to use the microwave today, but as soon as she pushed START the whole thing turned off. Breaker was ON (not tripped). She HAS accidentally run the toaster and microwave at the same time on several occasions and knows what a tripped breaker looks like. I confirmed when she told mell...
  3. gathermewool

    Lunar New Year

    Happy New Year, all! Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Anyone else enjoying their new pair of underwear?
  4. gathermewool

    Battery keeps draining every few days ugh

    1. 14 Forester XT 2. 83k miles 3. No loads (lights, sockets, key fob far away, doors remain unlocked in garage, doors shut entire time) 4. Battery 10 mo. old Napa The Legend Premium Group 34 5. Battery tests well. After sitting overnight (not on charger) it will start the car very quickly...
  5. gathermewool

    Too Much Wax: Really an Issue?

    I've heard of too much old wax minimizing gains while adding new wax, sealants, etc. Does it affect protection, however? For me, protection is all I care about. Let's say I wax with carnauba wax every time I wash every six months or so. Will this cause buildup? Does it matter? Just curious.
  6. gathermewool

    14 FXT, Castrol 5W-30 D1G2, 5440M on oil

    82, 255 miles on vehicle Replaced with the same oil 2nd OFI (OIL FILTER CUT-AND-POST COMING SOON) Pretty boring. I'll stick with OEM-recommended 7,500 miles from now on.
  7. gathermewool

    What're your home thermostat settings?

    I found it curious that I was given such a hard time for my routine the last time a post like this came up. Well, I'm a glutton for punishment, so here goes! The main theme is temps, but feel free to share recent upgrades, suggestions, etc. Heat: all electric baseboard, non downstairs (ranch...
  8. gathermewool

    Dunkin’ $10 Free with $30 GC Purchase

    Follow the instructions on following site. Site is legit: I‘ve participated in four different promotions in the past year; two in the past week. Three for me and one for a friend. Worked both...
  9. gathermewool

    Holiday Spending

    For some of us times are a little tougher than years past. What are you giving up or spending less money on this year? My normally patient-as-a-saint wife is currently threatening to cancel all of Christmas because I objected to $40+ gifts for her mom and members of both of our families; as an...
  10. gathermewool

    USPS Leaves Packages @ Garage Door

    Day-to-day I have one of two USPS people deliver my normal mail (primary and backup). The main lady drivers 3/4 of the way through my C-shaped driveway and almost always walks the packages up to my porch ~ 20' away from my driveway. She never leaves packages on my lawn and rarely leaves them at...
  11. gathermewool

    $96.06 Husky Liners Supercrew Weatherbeater Front & 2nd Seat Floor Mats for 2015-20 Ford F-150

    Amazon Husky Link Seems like a good deal for those who can use it.
  12. gathermewool

    2013 Acura MDX Timing Belt Severe Service?

    Vehicle: '13 Acura MDX Owner: retired, lead-footed old man Miles: 70k Location: Middle FL, garaged vehicle Timing Belt Service: $1500 (I told him he could likely get it cheaper @ NOT the dealer...) My dad has his Acura maintained at the dealer exclusively. They just recommended to him a timing...
  13. gathermewool

    Replace Bearings in Pairs?

    Vehicle: 14 Subaru Forester XT Miles: ~80k Symptom: Low-pitch humming from the rear that grows louder with vehicle (NOT engine) speed. It sounds similar to having meaty all-terrain tires, though it’s a constant hum. Tire rotation did not change magnitude nor general location of the noise. I...
  14. gathermewool

    Japan unveils timeline for indigenous fighter jet program

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>Ai6MrJz56TUOsybNAGd9atA</a> <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Japan has announced a timeline for a new, unnamed fighter jet to...
  15. gathermewool

    Knock While Cruising, None While In Boost

    I posted this in the FA20DIT tuning thread, but figured I'd post it here as well. Info for initial WOT run: 14 Forester XT (FA20DIT direct-injection 2.0L turbo w/ high-torque CVT) Cobb Stage 1 91 Octane 93 Octane Fuel (New England) S# 2nd "gear" (CVT) WOT to "redline" Datalog: <a...
  16. gathermewool

    New WEN 56225i First Oil Change 1 Hour

    Came in today. $400. Added magnetic dipstick, just like the one on my other WEN genny. Will send out 1st sample (1 hr) sample for analysis. ——-Sequence: 5 min warm up 5 min ~200W 5 min ~400W 45 min 16-1800W Drain and fill Will change after next hour (2 total hrs) and see how the oil...
  17. gathermewool

    New Battery --> Group 25 (stock), 24 or 34???

    Having had success with the LOW, LOW, LOW stock CCA in my '14 FXT I'm not concerned about it as a main feature for my new battery. I have the below specs for NAPA The Legend batteries of each group whittled down to my priority, in which case group 24 wins: BTW, I'm taking the advice of some on...
  18. gathermewool

    Intercooler Cleaning

    What do you guys do? I've got mine off while replacing the starter and want to get this thing cleaned while it's out. I plan to use undiluted Simple Green for the inside and outside. For the inside I'll add just as much water as is needed to slosh around and wash away the cleaner and...
  19. gathermewool

    PCV Valve Thread Sealant???

    14 Forester XT ~78k miles 1. Original (OEM) PCV valve came out with whitish funk on the outermost thread of the valve and area where the valve seats. I'm guessing it's thread sealant. I've never seen a gasket or sealant on a PCV valve. 2. The old valve internals barely moved within the valve...
  20. gathermewool

    14 Forester XT Starter Going Bad

    ~78k miles Started a couple of months ago, getting worse Symptoms: starter is whirring noise is louder and continues for a second after the engine is started before loudly winding down. According to the all-knowing etherwebs, the starter is going bad. Confirmation: The dealer confirmed that...