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  1. MrQuackers

    Maybe my last change for the Hummer
  2. MrQuackers

    Roadmaster Granite Peak, oh what a feeling!

    Took the beast for a 5 mile ride, will need to do some tinkering to the derailleur. Perhaps removing a couple chain links will resolve the issue, as in first gear the derailleur pulley is touching the freewheel cog. I have a stash of parts, so I will probably just put a different derailleur on...
  3. MrQuackers

    Roadmaster Granite Peak, oh what a feeling!

    I just had this 18 speed MTB(LOL) delivered from Wally for less than 100 bucks. Put it together and made some small adjustments and took it around the neighborhood. Need to do some more fine tuning to the rear derailleur but it gets the job done. I got this as a cheap grocery getter that will...
  4. MrQuackers

    What is your lowest temperature this winter?

    The great cold event happened, and is thankfully over. Low was 25 degrees. Rain fell when temperature were in the 20s so everything was coated with massive ice. Trees down everywhere. Lost power on the 12th and it was not restored until today the 15th. This was quite the historic experience
  5. MrQuackers

    Purflux LS489A cut open

    Looks delicious 🤪
  6. MrQuackers

    Cell Phone Covers

    Got mine in the clearance aisle at WM $4.80 - protect onn. Even has a kickstand.
  7. MrQuackers

    Super Bowl Advertisements

    Seeing additional ads I think it was Vince Lombardi. I do love Watchmen tho
  8. MrQuackers

    Super Bowl Advertisements

    I do not follow professional football at all during the regular season. I only watch the Super Bowl for the advertisements. P.S. Did I just see Rorschach in an ad?
  9. MrQuackers

    What are you eating right now?

    I wonder what GHT's next handle will be:unsure:
  10. MrQuackers

    What are you eating right now?

    What happened to OP? The account used to be designated as 2021 $50 contributor.
  11. MrQuackers

    RIP Dustin "Screech" Diamond

    He made SBTB RIP
  12. MrQuackers

    What was your first front wheel drive car experience?

    1988 Hyundai Excel 5 speed with power sunroof, wooooo
  13. MrQuackers

    What is your lowest temperature this winter?

    If you have a thermometer that shows lowest recorded outside temperature, post up. I live about 10 miles south of Moda Center, home of the Trailblazers. So far, lowest here was 28 degrees Fahrenheit.
  14. MrQuackers

    ASK A Mechanic Button?

    I am on my Galaxy phone. I see NEED A MECHANIC above the new threads but it is not clickable.
  15. MrQuackers

    STP S-3614 CUT OPEN

    Wowie 33k miles, put that in the title
  16. MrQuackers

    Lucas UCL vs. TCW3 rated 2 cycle oil

    I do believe it is improving the idle. This is one Lucas product that appears to be legit.
  17. MrQuackers

    I found this little guy trying to get in the house

    The Daleks are echoing in my head