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    Derek Chauvin trial

    If I begin a thread about this topic will it get locked immediately?
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    Evinrude XD100 at walmart

    Just a heads up that walmart is now selling xd100 Evinrude oil, its 49.99 a gallon. In the past, I thought this could only be obtained through dealers. I wonder if this is because of them closing their doors?
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    Insurance thread yesterday, locked?

    Yesterday the thread "Question about medical insurance." I found it interesting to read about others opinions of how things work etc but it was locked, just curious as to why. NOT complaining about mods / rules etc and I dont really care, Im just curious.
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    What is/was your Pandemic project(s)?

    Saying Co**d-19 is prohibited, is pandemic? Anyway, please share if you have already or will be in the future done any projects due to the pandemic.
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    Carpet install quote,review & comment plz.

    Carpet areas specified, bedrooms, stairs & living room including power stretching. 182 sq yards @ 6.00 a yd, $1,092.00 Remove and dispose of carpet $120.00 Stairs extra charge $90.00 Total cash price 1300.00 including moving any furniture. Seems about the average going rate for my area. Thoughts?
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    OMG, wiper prices

    A couple weeks ago I was running errands preparing for a trip. My last stop was Autozone on the way home for some last minute wiper blades to replace the factory ones on my 2018 f150. I figured I would buy good ones so I picked up some Bosch units but quickly put them back on the shelf after...
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    Neighbor needs an engine

    Last week my neighbors 2016 Kia sorento began knocking, had it towed to the dealer for a diagnosis and it was determined an engine replacement is needed. Since they are 2nd owner and outside the warranty they quoted an engine replacement of over $12k but they would discount it to 6500, what...
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    Shop fee on carry in trailer tires

    I dropped off two loose trailer wheels to have Goodyear Endurance tires mounted and balanced yesterday at Tire Choice. A very simple transaction, mount two tires and balance them, no valves stems, roll them out to the door and I would pick them up when I get off work. To my surprise they...
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    One of the many air filters in my home is a 10x10x1 which is an unusual size. Im looking for a non pleated cheap fiberglass filter which lowes, depot and WM no longer carry. I have put in a couple orders from online retailers but have recently canceled because of being on back order until...
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    environmental focus, should I stock up?

    The new administration wants to focus heavily on reducing fossil fuels moving forward. This leads me to believe energy prices may increase soon. Without politicizing this thread I'm asking if you also think oil prices will trend upwards making me think I should I stock up on oil. I have a...
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    Florida Supercross anyone?

    This year Florida will host three Supercross races, two in Orlando and one in Daytona. I plan to attend the first Orlando race and possibly the Daytona race. Just curious if anyone else has plans this year for any Supercross events?
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    Battery, oh my

    Battery needs replacing in my 2018 f150 w/ 5.0 v8. Online I went to advance, napa and pepboys to view prices and was shocked to see what batteries cost. Coscto does not sell a battery for the truck and the three auto parts stores are quite a bit more than walmart. Walmart was the lowest @...
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    Banner ads thread closed?

    Yesterday a thread began on the new, super annoying banner ads. Why was it locked?
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    My old Cook Bros. Racing BMX biike

    Passed along my cook bros. racing bmx bike to my son about 5 years ago. The chain keeps coming off because threads in the axle are stripped and it wont stay tight. I brought the wheel to a local bike shop because I have no idea where to find an axle for a 30+ year old bike and figured it...
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    What's your favorite BITOG category. Or, what section do you spend most of your time in? I'll start.. PCMO but I also spend quite a bit of time in the PCMO UOA, General off topic and the items for sale section. (just bought some filters).
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    should I keep or sell the extra car?

    To keep a long story short I have two vehicles. The F150 is used for mostly for everything and the Fusion has been for running errands and commuting to and from work. Like many, in March I began working from home so I paid off the Fusion and canceled the insurance. Yesterday I was informed...
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    BITOG for sale section

    Does it cost to list something?
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    damaged my new trailer, advice?

    I just bought a brand new 6x12 enclosed trailer, spent a month building shelves, painting, racks, a place for everything to be organized etc... it turned out really nice. My son and I use it for our dirtbikes and we ride with other kids and dads. Sunday, the 6th time we used the trailer a kid...
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    need to top off my compressor

    My compressor has a small leak and looking at the glass sight window it needs a top off. Can I use regular engine oil or should I pick up non detergent 30 next time im at the parts store? Compressor is a Husky twin cylinder 60 gallon unit.
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    US Air Force Thunderbirds and US Navy Blue Angels 4th of July flyover DC

    If anyone watched the planes after the speech what did you think?