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  1. oldhp

    1966 Mustang 200 auto with OD

    As stated, 1966 Mustang 200 w/auto OD. Owner states button to put in OD. What kind of auto trans is this? Is it C4 with OD? Not familiar with Fords in general. Pretty sure making the deal to buy this. Need knowledge on this engine / trans / rear axle. Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.
  2. oldhp

    2020 GMC Canyon 2.5 engine oil?

    This is a direct injection engine. What is, in youse guys opinion, the best oil to prevent intake valve buildup? I've seen the Valvoline Modern Engine oil stuff. Does it work? Does it matter? Any GM techs out there have a preference of what they've seen to which kind of oil to use??? Had a 2012...
  3. oldhp


    It's 426 HEMI Day!!!! Go hug your HEMI !!!!!
  4. oldhp

    GM Certified Mechanic

    On a new GM car/truck do you have to have a GM Certified Tech change your oil/oil filter OR the engine warranty is voided??? My friend was just saying that they have to take their 2018 Buick SUV to the dealer to have the oil changed. I asked why. He said they said it has to be done by a GM...
  5. oldhp

    200 Wins

    Kyle Busch got his 200th win today. In this day of racing this is unbelievable. Haters will hate, so be it. To me he is the best racecar driver I've ever seen.
  6. oldhp


    Just watched the last segment of qualifying. Last group took off too late and "nobody" made it back to the starting line for a timed lap. So this is what NASCAR has sunk to. Embarrassing.
  7. oldhp

    Xfinity Champion

    Tyler Reddick!!!! JR MotorSports Xfinity Series Champion!!!!!!
  8. oldhp

    CarQuest synthetic 5W20 oil

    At the local CQ they have the house brand full synthetic on sale for $3.73 a qt. Was looking to find specs on their oil and found a MSDS sheet from Amalie Oil Co. Same shaped silver bottle as Amalie's Elixir oil. Does anybody know if Amalie now makes CQ's house brand oil? This is what CQ states...
  9. oldhp

    2005 Mustang GT, 9300 miles.

    Looking at a 2005 Mustang GT coupe, 4.6/auto, 100% bone stock. Red, red leather power seats, power everything, AM/FM CD, factory 5 spoke alloy rims. Engine is the 3 valve 300HP version. Excellent beyond belief. The bottom of car is amazing clean. This car has been garage kept it's entire life...
  10. oldhp

    Yokohama Geolander G055

    Looking to replace my sidewall cracking Michelin's with these tires. Going on wife's 2012 Equinox 225/65r17 tire size. Plus they have $60 rebate now. Opinions on these tires please. Will not put Michelins back on, nice ride, great tread wear, but only 31K miles,4yrs-2 months...
  11. oldhp

    110 Octane Race Fuel

    Running 110 octane leaded race fuel in my B&S 3.5hp lawn the smell, doesn't seem like work now. <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
  12. oldhp

    Pennzoil Specs

    Just looked at the Pennzoil site and you can now click on the weight of the oil and the specifications come up, right down to the NOACK %. Ultra and Platinum only after looking further...........
  13. oldhp

    OLM confused???

    2012 Equinox 2.4 with fresh FRAM XG9018 oil filter, 5qts Mobil1 5w30. Drove to Florida and back, 2000 miles. OLM was at 100% at start and now shows 78%. Of those 2000 miles only 90'ish were in town driving at Florida for 5 days. I thought highway driving was easy on oil and OLM readings. Your...
  14. oldhp

    Boring NASCAR Sprintcup All Star Race

    Cars are too equal for a 1.5 mile track. Richmond would be a lot better. OR....... If keeping it at Charlotte I would suggest the following... 1. Any compression ratio in the engine. 2. Any angle on rear spoiler. 3. Any rear gear ratio. Put some "Hot Rod" back into the cars for one race.
  15. oldhp

    K&N PS-7026 Oil Filter

    Has anybody used these on Mopar/Jeep 3.6 V6?
  16. oldhp

    JUNIOR 88

    JUNIOR 88 Wins Duel 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. oldhp

    Two NYPD officers have been shot in the Bronx.

    Again, 2 NYPD shot in Bronx. Expected to be OK. [censored]?????
  18. oldhp

    2 New York Police Ambushed and Killed.

    Two NY Police men sitting in cruiser ambushed and killed. Sending out prayers to the officer's families. People this is getting nuts.........Authorities say the suspect fatally shot himself inside the subway station. His motive wasn't immediately clear.
  19. oldhp

    How Long for Gear Oil To Warm Up?

    2014 RAM Express, 3.6/8speed auto,3.55 gears. It was 22° at 3:30 P.M., the EVIC starts the engine oil temp out at 104°. It takes almost 7 miles until the oil temp gauge starts climbing, 105°, 106°, etc. My question, if the engine oil takes that long to heat up, how long, or does the rear gear...
  20. oldhp

    KYB Excel G front shocks

    Has anybody run the KYB Excel-G front shocks on RAM trucks? Or other front coil spring trucks. I'm looking for softer ride than the stock HD shocks on my 2014 RAM Express 3.6.