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    What do y'all think it could be?

    2007 Honda CR-V, automatic, 230,xxx miles. It's been having issues with throwing lean codes left and right for a year or so now but lately it's gotten real bad. The check engine light has been on consistently for a week now. When idling my car the RPMs will slowly fall until it sounds like...
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    Favorite "garage hands" soap?

    I read the topic about the Fast Orange hand cleaner from 1999 and it got me thinking, what do you guys use, whether it be at home or at work, and what do you like about it or dislike? For about 6 months now I've been working as a detailer and I travel between a couple local Nissan dealerships...
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    Castrol Synthetic Oil Filters?

    Saw this on Amazon today. The shape of the case and the base plate look very Fram-ish. Safe to assume that it's a rebranded Ultra? Has anyone on here used one?
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    Changing oil prematurely today

    So much for having a day off to myself. Driving home last night my CR-V went into limp mode. Check engine, traction control and VSA lights on, and it would buck if I tried going over 3K RPM. Pulled the codes and got P2647 which is for a stuck rocker arm actuator. This happened to me two years...
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    Solution for dog anxiety?

    I have a year and a half old german shepherd and pit mix and she has severe separation anxiety that we need to get under control. For example I left her in my room for 10 minutes while I took a shower and she managed to shred half of my memory foam topper. She has a crate for when we go out...
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    Wireless earbuds suddenly super quiet

    My phone is a Moto G Stylus and my earbuds are Dudios Free Mini. At work the other day I took a call on my earbuds and after I hung up they became super quiet. At my phone's full volume any media playback is but a whisper. The built-in "voice" on the earbuds that says "power on" "pairing"...
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    Best "gimmick" plugs?

    I've always had a soft spot for stupid "gimmick" products and sometimes for S&G I like to buy something to see if it actually works or if it is indeed a gimmick. Out of the following three "gimmick" spark plugs, which one seems most promising or which should I pull the trigger on and give a...
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    Out of my top 4, give me two to pick between.

    I am looking into getting a new car after I graduate college in December and I have a top-4 list of dream cars and I'd like some advice on narrowing it down to my best choice. 1) 98-02 Firebird or Camaro. My dad had one when I was growing up and I have a lot of memories and nostalgia tied to...
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    Honda mower problems

    I have an almost 10 year old Troy-Bilt self propelled push mower with the Honda engine on it. Lately it's been giving me a lot of trouble and I need guidance on where to begin with it. <span style="font-weight: bold">Some things it's been doing:</span> <span style="font-weight: bold">1)</span>...
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    10w30 was definitely the move

    Just changed the oil in my CR-V and used the barn-find jug of Castrol 10w-30 I posted about a month or so back and my engine does not tick nearly as bad as it did and it just feels smoother overall. Going to do a UOA at the end of this OCI and see what it says. Just thought I'd share!
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    Universal garage door opener

    I recently bought one of those Chamberlain universal clickers because I need another remote for my garage door opener. My opener is fairly new it's a Genie 7055 my only issue is I can't figure out how to get it into learn mode. There's 3 buttons on the bottom of the opener and all I can figure...
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    Replace fuel sending unit or just roll with it?

    My fuel sending unit is screwing up and I want to replace it soon because it is getting annoying. So the other day I filled up on gas. Every time I get gas I reset the trip-A odometer. I have since driven 60 miles and my fuel tank was down to ~3/4 according to the gauge. Then I parked on my...
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    DIY projects with UMO?

    I have a 5 gallon bucket in my garage which is full of a mixture of motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid. No antifreeze or non-lubricant type liquids in there. Before I take this nasty concoction to the recycler does anyone know of any DIY projects or...
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    Anyone else do WheresGeorge

    Is anyone else here involved in the WheresGeorge currency tracking project? I got interested in it a few years ago when I saw it stamped on a dollar I got in change, and I starting putting out my own. Started out hand-writing my bills but I eventually got a custom made stamp. Most of my bills...
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    How much to sell my CR-V for?

    Graduation is coming up and soon I will be taking my certificates to become a union electrician. I will be needing a vehicle with more power and cargo space as I'll probably be hauling a lot of tools and stuff. Also, I want a car without a bunch of computerized crap that I can actually do simple...
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    New CB from 1986

    Helping clean out my deceased grandfather's garage again and found an old Fuzzbuster CB radio. Also got a toolbox with hundreds of CB parts, like transistors, entire boards, knobs, mic sockets, stuff to build RF amplifiers, I got the entire lot to play with. I haven't pulled this radio apart...
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    Urgent need security camera suggestions

    The riff raff has been migrating towards my neighborhood and recently we have had a rash of car break-ins. Multiple people have come out to windshields/side windows busted out but nothing stolen, people who have left their cars unlocked have had their cars rummaged through, but last night they...
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    Taking "Use any oil I have laying around" to the next level

    Helping clean out my deceased grandfather's garage and found a 1 gallon jug of GTX 10W-30 which was unopened and still has the foil intact under the cap. Fresh as far as I care. Bottle is dated 3/28/2005 on the bottom IIRC. If I don't end up using it in my lawnmower it'll become my "top off...
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    Changed my ATF, difference is crazy!

    Between the following factors... - knowing my car has never had an ATF change, ever.. - having issues such as hunting for gears at speeds at or under 45mph, rough shifting, late shifting.. - scoring 4 still-sealed quarts of MaxLife ATF from 2004 (really old label design) that I found in the...
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    Don't trust JBL "True 4-ohm Technology" !!

    I had a JVC KD-R980BTS stereo which recently got replaced by a Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X303 to hopefully solve a problem I've been having which is that after about 20 minutes of loud listening it'll begin to distort real bad and eventually cut out entirely, so I thought the amp in the JVC was going...