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  1. wwillson

    Trail of the Cedars - Glacier National Park

    Another hike we did kind of by accident. The parking lots were full so we had to park along Going to the Sun Road and walk back to the trailhead for Avalanche Lake trail. We took the Cedars trailhead because it was a shortcut to the Avalanche trail. The other option was a walk through a...
  2. wwillson

    Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

    More posts coming on Glacier National Park as I get time to add them. Enjoy
  3. wwillson

    All reaction scores set to zero

    It has come to the attention of the mod team that for some members the accumulation of reaction scores became a contest. This distorted and devalued the purpose of members' reaction scores. We considered several options, including completely removing the ability to 'like'. We all felt that...
  4. wwillson

    Dodge Durango 3.6L - HPL 5w-20 - 15,820 Miles on oil

    This is a sample pulled from my Durango 3.6L with 127,420 miles total and 15,820 miles on the oil. The oil is HP 5w-20 by High Performance Lubricants in Manteno, IL. This oil is intended for extended drain intervals. I will sample again at 20,000 miles. Filter is a Fram Ultra, which was not...
  5. wwillson

    Potauto cabin air filter for the Durango

    I replaced the cabin air filter in my Durango with the new Potauto filter I bought last fall, yeah yeah yeah I know, but it was cold in the garage this winter. The existing Fram had about 60,000 miles of run time on it and was pretty dirty. I made a note to myself to change at 50,000 next...
  6. wwillson

    Glider "hovering"

    I have always wanted to add a glider certificate to my license. If I lived in an area with mountains I certainly would. This glider pilot found a mountain wave and is perched in one place with a great view. Pretty cool.
  7. wwillson

    "History" button so you can see the last 50 posts you have viewed

    We added a "History" button that show the last 50 posts you have viewed. An easy way to find that post you were looking at, but can't find it.
  8. wwillson

    Media Gallery add-on

    All, We've added a Media Gallery for everyone to use. The idea is that you will have a central place to keep track of all the pictures you've uploaded. There is now a "Gallery embed" button is the editor that looks like a camera. You can click the camera and select a picture from your...
  9. wwillson

    Old Toyota

    I hate to admit, but I don't know what this old Toyota is... I took this picture a while ago in Austin, TX. It is in fantastic shape with zero rust and an almost perfect body.
  10. wwillson

    Avalanche Lake and trail - Glacier National Park

    Spectacular views - this was one of our favorite places in Glacier.
  11. wwillson

    How to tell the difference between a 3-way and a 4-way household light switch?

    I have either a 3-way or a 4-way light switch that I want to replace with a dimmer switch of the same type. The existing switch has 4 conductors, does that mean it's a 4-way switch? Is there a recommended brand for LEDs?
  12. wwillson

    RV towing needs Class A CDL for GCVW > 26,001 lbs and/or trailer > 10,001 lbs

    My state exempts any RVs from anything other than a normal operators license - no CDL requirement. However, I found that many states require CDLs for non-commercial (private use) vehicles, including RVs, that have a GVWR or GCWR > 26,001 lbs and/or a trailer weight > 10,001 lbs. I have to...
  13. wwillson

    Snow wave

    I've been taking pictures over the last several days of this snow that built up on my deck handrail. It started out standing straight as snow accumulated over a few days. I noticed it was slowly bending over and ended up looking like a wave about to crash on the beach. It finally fell today...
  14. wwillson

    Answers - Pennzoil Technology behind "Made From Natural Gas" and Vehicle maintenance while driving less Q&A

    Pennzoil Made From Natural Gas Questions: In the process that converts natural gas to base oils, what percent of the finished base oil is the molecule or molecules you are trying to produce? Said another way, how pure is the finished base oil? The goal of refining is to make your end products...
  15. wwillson

    Covering Durango grille in winter to raise engine oil temperature

    I cover most of the grill on my Durango in the winter to reduce the air across the radiator, in an attempt to get the oil temp above 165F. Below 165F the oil pump is always on the high pressure side and above it's on the low pressure side. I see no need to run around constantly with 90 pounds of...
  16. wwillson

    Pennzoil - Technology behind ‘Made From Natural Gas’ and Vehicle maintenance while driving less Q&A

    Hello BITOG Members: Pennzoil is so excited to continue our longstanding relationship with the members of the BITOG community throughout 2021. This year, Pennzoil is inviting members from far and wide to connect with us through various virtual community events, starting with this Q&A today...
  17. wwillson

    Added ability to have a cover photo in your profile above your information

    If you look at my profile you will see a photo above my profile information. Enjoy
  18. wwillson

    Snowblower started on first pull after 2 years of sitting

    We got about 9" of snow last night, so I decided to get the snow blower out. I store it with an empty gas tank and the float bowl emptied. I fueled it up and gave it a few pumps with the primer and it started on the first pull!!! I don't use it often, but when I don't feel like shoveling, it...
  19. wwillson

    Added ability to search your conversations

    We added the ability to search your conversations. Click on the envelope to open your conversations, click on "show all", then click "conversation search". Enjoy
  20. wwillson

    Hungry Horse Dam

    We saw this dam kinda by accident last fall.