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  1. buster

    Best choice for daily driver & off-road?

    I'm looking for the perfect "all arounder" for my needs which consist of hauling things when need be (house/landscaping etc), as well as weekend off-road trips. I've narrowed it down to the following vehicles. I'm in no rush, and a lot can happen between now and when I'm ready (chip shortages...
  2. buster

    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

  3. buster

    RAM Rebel

    Nice truck. My uncle has the Warlock. TFL liked it, except at 13:29 you'll see it broke a drive shaft. Yikes.
  4. buster

    New Valvoline Extended Protection
  5. buster

    Chevy Colorado ZR2/ZR2 Bison - Most Capable Off-Road truck from factory

    What a difference having a front locker makes. Nothing new to those that off-road a lot. Having just a rear is good too, but both is pretty unbeatable. ZR2 with the Duramax is the combo to get in this truck I believe due to the better 6spd automatic.
  6. buster


    Recently a group of engineers gave the country a C- for the state of our infrastructure. Why doesn't the U.S. invest in highspeed rail? What are we doing? The estimated cost over the next ten years is $5.9T for needed upgrades to our infrastructure. From a guy I know that was in China...
  7. buster

    2021 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss Custom Review and Off-Road Test

    6.2L Ecotec3 V8 with the 10spd auto. 0-60 5.5 seconds. Can tow up to 13,000lbs. It has an Eaton rear autolocker which apparently you hear slam when engaged.
  8. buster

    Daimler Trucks chairman says EV powertrains take fewer people to build
  9. buster

    Solar panel in space collecting energy that could be beamed to anywhere on Earth
  10. buster

    Toyota Tacoma TRD Lift Kit Raises Suspension, Keeps Active Safety Functionality

    It's a shame the 3.5L and 6spd AT are so poorly programmed.
  11. buster

    How reliable is Toyota KDSS?

    Within the 4Runner line, the KDSS system is an option for the TRD Off-Road models, but NOT the Pro. Unusual. The TRD Pro has Fox Shocks but no KDSS. KDSS is hydraulic based. My research suggests it is reliable, but when it is not, it is expensive to fix. (about $4k to replace). Has anyone...
  12. buster

    Kia CV - 62 miles of range - charge in 4 minutes

    I've yet to drive a EV.
  13. buster

    2021 Toyota 4 Runner TRD

    This guy always does a good job testing various Crossovers/SUVs etc. I was initially surprised he settled on the 4 Runner, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Toyota updated the infotainment display and added push start. The 4 Runner has the tried and true 4.0 and 5spd...
  14. buster

    Best all-terrain vehicles in the world

    Which one would you choose? :p I think the Argo would be a good choice.
  15. buster

    MS Edge is now slow...

    For some unknown reason, MS Edge is a lot slower the last 2 weeks or so. I've tried many of the MS suggested fixes and none have worked so far. Internet connection/speed is fine. I downloaded Chrome just out of curiosity and it's much quicker. This wasn't the case about a year ago.
  16. buster

    DeepMind's AI makes gigantic leap....

    “This will change medicine. It will change research. It will change bioengineering. It will change everything,” Lupas adds. ‘It will change everything’: DeepMind’s AI makes gigantic leap in solving protein structures (
  17. buster

    Mazda No. 1 in Consumer Reports 2020 auto reliability survey

    The Japanese auto brand benefitted from being among the smallest and lacking capital to continually offer new multi-speed transmissions and infotainment gadgets, said Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing for the magazine and website. “A lot of times new technology gives us trouble,”...
  18. buster

    Castrol EDGE 0w30 A3 Belgium

    I saw a newly designed EDGE 0w30 A3 made in Belgium a week or so ago. I thought this oil had disappeared? Is it still good? Is there a PDS? Thanks