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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    When I was a teenager I worked at a Texaco station. My boss worked on a lot of Corvairs. The oil leaking problems were mostly caused by owners getting them too hot. This usually occurred more on the manual tranny cars when owners would miss a gear or over rev the engine and throw the fan...
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    Chevy to bring back the Corvair name

    GM sold 1.8 million Corvairs. Yes, I know all of the Nader stories, and quiky Vair stories. Today any automaker would love to sell 1 million of the same model.
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    Is this taught anymore .

    Besides prescription drugs and cocaine, many Hollywood actors smoked. Remember there was time when cigarettes were given away free, and actors were paid or asked to smoke on screen. I am amazed at how many of them died of lung cancer or COPD...
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    Cabin Filters (NSFB) not safe for BITOG

    There are many people who don't even change the HVAC filters in their homes much less their cars. Another reality - A friend of mine bought a house with a central vacuum unit. After he moved in his wife was doing some cleaning with it and complained to him that it did not seem like it was...
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    Vapor barrier cut around, or behind door speaker?

    The vapor barrier on 2003 Dodge Durango for the factory door speakers goes around the speaker. I have never had the speakers out of the door, but the factory speakers might have some kind of vapor barrier on the back of the speaker itself.
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    Kia, Hyundai, Mazda - Used Car Candidates

    Thanks to everyone who responded. I found a 2016 VW CC with less than 230 miles. Yes that is right. Apparently it was some kind of VW show or model car that sat in VW zone office. The dealer I bought it from supplied all of the documentation. I made the dealer put it up on the hoist for...
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    Possible Return of the Xterra?

    I would only consider buying one if they ditched the CVT. Too many questionable reliability issues.
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    Oil Change - Hot or Cold

    Hello Everyone, The "Short Changer Post" got me thinking about this subject. Do you change your oil when it is hot or cold? I have always changed mine when the oil is hot and hopefully with all of the contaminants suspended in the oil that I am draining out of the engine. But, I have...
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    Appliance shortage - this is maddening.

    We just completed a complete remodel on our kitchen. We ordered cabinets and appliances from Lowes. Cabinets were from Shenadoah and arrived in 6 weeks after order date which was second week of September 2020. Appliances were ordered at the same time (GE Profile - fridge, dishwasher, oven...
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    Explain difference in AWD '05 RAV & '19 Santa Fe is the tires. If you can remember the specific Michelins you had compare them side by side with the current tires. My guess is you will find quite a few differences in all measured specs across the board. Check also the curb weight differences of both vehicles and may find that the...
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    AGM Size 34 Battery Maintainer

    My neighbor bought this one last fall. Says it works great and has not been disappointed. Since Sears has gone by the wayside, I think Harbor Freight saw the opportunity to capture many of those previous Sears customers by upgrading several of their tool and accessory categories. I think...
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    Best way to invest my $600?

    Another option vs a savings account is a high yield bond fund. Fidelity now lets you open any of their mutual funds with no minimum amounts. Check out their high yield bond ..symbol FHIFX. Current yield according to Yahoo Finance is 3.14%. There other bond funds that have higher...
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    Cordless Battery Powered Small Die Grinder

    Hey Guys, I bought and just received this kit from Amazon. The polisher unit itself has some heft to it and has two speeds. I have not yet tried it, but I am confident that it will do the job. Looks very similar to the one that HF sells.....but without all of the accessories...
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    Snapper push mower

    Hmmm....when I bought parts for it, they came in MTD bags with MTD part numbers. Did not know that about B & S buying both companies
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    Snapper push mower I am assuming that you want the Snapper with the Hi VAC steel deck. MTD also licensed the Snapper brand to make a rear bagger, that does not have the Hi Vac deck design.
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    Tell me your fave choices of oil for a neglected engine

    Whatever oil you go with, add a 1/4 quart of Marvel Mystery Oil. That will loosen up the carbon, and sludge, and I would change the oil filter only after the first 1000 miles and then top off what was lost from the filter only change.
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    10 years straight of total boredom

    Obviously color is personal choice / decision. As some one who keeps my cars a long time, I am weary of buying a used car in "fad color". Remember Aqua Marine green from the mid nineties. Or how about the lime green metallic today on a Camaro. Chrysler brought back all of the 70's fad...
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    Doing a maintenance charge on a seldom used vehicle

    Yes, I have done the same thing only using a float charger. I have one of the inexpensive HF ones and it works great. I once had an indication that the battery was down significantly (estimate 25%) and the float charger brought it all the way back over about 3 days of time. I am not an...
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    Cordless Battery Powered Small Die Grinder

    Yes, I need something for tighter spaces. A regular cordless drill is too large. I ran across others from Proxxon, and Rikon, but I have never heard of those brands no have any experience with them. Thanks
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    Cordless Battery Powered Small Die Grinder

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a small right angle cordless (battery) die grinder to use for light polishing and auto detail work. The only one I have found is the Milwaukee Model 2485-22. Are there any others that I should consider? I will mainly use it for applying polishing compound...