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    2012-15 Civic bluetooth

    When turning OFF the Bluetooth connectivity on my cell phone(to save my phone battery), I have to reconnect each time I get into the 2015 Civic LX in my sig. In other words, I have to go into the vehicle menu to select my particular phone to reconnect?..even when turning back on my phone...
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    WD40 on Windshield Wipers?

    I have seen a good number of YouTube videos about using WD40 on wiper blades to help them stay in better shape, longer! Q's: Has any member here at Bob's actually tried WD40 for cleaning/conditioning your wiper blades? If so, how were/are the results? I've been using CRC Heavy Duty Silicone on...
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    Acoustic Laminated Windshield

    My question is: Will running 0000 steel wool over acoustically laminated glass, ruin the glass that I am trying to fix? My FIL(92) has passes away and we are currently driving his 2018 Santa Fe w/only 20 K miles on the clock. The windshield has fine, curved scratches in it as though the wipers...
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    Vehicles that rate/score high... the famous automotive press however, after you've driven(at length) or have owned, you would have slammed the doors as har as you could just prior to kicking that vehicle over a cliff. And what I mean^^^by driven at length is, not after a 10-15 minute test drive but lived with a vehicle...
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    Maw & Paw

    After super, maw & paw are sittin' outside on the porch. Maw is knitting while Paw is smoking his pipe. Maw: "So paw, wutcha do today"? Paw: "Mmm, nutin' " Maw: "So paw, wutcha gonna do tomara"?" Paw: "Nutin' " Maw: "Well you did that today"! Paw: "Yeah well, I wasn't finished".
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    Save the manuals?

    Just to say that I am in favor of saving the manual transmission vehicles for my brothers & sisters who love their manual tranny vehicles. I even learned(50 yrs ago) how to drive on manual tranny cars & trucks. From just learning the feel of the vehicle, to my learners permit/driving test and...
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    I had to laugh!

    I am posting this in the HUMOR section because this comment made me LOL. I was watching AlexOnAutos newest video on the 2021 Hellcat Redeye(797 hp). Alex said that there is so much HP in this engine that if you floored it from a standing stop and just kept your foot down, you'd empty the gas...
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    Lorenz Wrist Watches

    For our watch geeks out there(like me), can anyone tell me anything about Lorenz watches? Anything at all? How are they in the grand scheme of watches? Any good? I can only find a little bit about their pricing and it seems high if you ask me. What else can you guys tell me?
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    Pan TheOrganizer test of 3 paint protectent products

    If this hasn't already been posted, here is Pan's test of from 10/13/20 Adam's, 303 & TWSnS
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    Doug DeMuro - Quirks & Features

    I think that Doug himself is a bit quirky but, I like his quirks & features videos. Reasons being: He brings up most of the cool features about a vehicle. Most of which are nothing more than curiosities to me that will eventually, the novelty will wear off. However these cool features/items may...
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    Pic of my Firebird FORMULA

    Just thought I'd post a pic of the car in my signature that my wife & I bought brand new in 1980. Though it was our 4th one, it's the one we kept and the best looking of any of the four('74, '77, 79 & this '80 pic'd). I don't show it in pictures often here at BOB's(only to a few members) but...
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    How's your CVT holding up?

    Not that we have lots of mile piled up on the two CVTs(Altima-63K & Civic-45k) in my signature but, they're holding up very well. With fluid changes on time(between 30K-50K) and will continue to do so during our ownership, I hope we have decent success with them. I have had tranny issues in...
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    New Troy Bilt/Honda 160

    You guys know this mower as they've been posted here so often. So, last year my buddy bought a new Troy Bilt push mower w/Honda engine at Home Depot. It's still under warranty providing he can find his receipt. Yesterday, the engine(started 1st pull) but surged the whole time he cut the lawn...
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    AEB on ice

    I have this in the "Automotive General Topics" section too but since it has to do with brakes(specifically), I'll post it here as well. Moderator(s) may want to step in and eliminate one or the other. For that, I apologize...
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    AEB on ice?

    Does anyone have experience with their vehicle's Automatic Emergency Braking on an icy road with other vehicles in front of them? You know, you're looking down(not on your phone of course) but, something we've all done and the vehicles safety system(AEB) kicked in...ON ICE? What happens, do...
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    Ceramic Coating Questions

    These are questions about ceramic coatings. You know, the ones that professionals change big money for(like $1000) but, for the DIYer. In no particular order: 1) Can they be used on plastic headlight housings(assembly) to help prevent fogging/hazing/clouding? 2) Can they be used on the...
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    Cabin Air Filter Recommendation

    OK, is there really any differences between brands/quality of cabin air filters? Are there any to avoid? Usually I just remove the CAF and tap out the debris(clean with vacuum &/or air) and reinstall. I want to replace the CAF in my Altima as it has now torn, and CarQuest has one ($8.99) which...
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    2021 Toyota Corolla sedan & hatch

    While visiting my daughter in PA for Father's Day weekend, I took an early morning walk(6am) before everyone woke up. During my walk, I came upon a Toyota dealership so I strolled through the lot and glanced at the very few 2021 Corolla's on the lot. IDK if the sedan(my preference) can be had...
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    Purolator ONE or CarQuest BLUE

    I am thinking about grabbing an Oil & FIlter packages at AAP for the cars in my sig. And AAP is offering either a PuroONE or CQ Blue oil filter with the pkg. Which is the better filter. I know, I should probably know this! <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile"...
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    Road Force Balance

    Bought new Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S+ from TR at the end of February and had them installed locally(at our largest tire store in the Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls area) in early March. From the beginning, the tires were all out of balance. I rotated all of the tires(one side at a time) to...