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    RL 5W-30 used as Mo additive in 5W-40 Euro Oils

    forget mos2 and ws2, when are we gonna get us2
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    Toyota Brake Job Best Practices Guide

    ate uses the 7mm hex sliders or traditional ones. you’ll usually find the anti-rattle spring on the hex type calipers i prefer the hex, super easy to line up
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    Pentofrost E in a Honda?

    G13 pattern coolants like Pento E are slowly replacing G12+ as the default universal option. If a honda throws a hose in the middle of africa, chances are it’ll get filled with G12+ Coolants based on european standards dominate the aftermarket. Antifreeze targeted for asian vehicles like Zerex...
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    Better to buy knuckle assembly instead of ball joints 2002 F350?

    sometimes ball joints on aluminum knuckles are a real ball buster. this is easy peasy. get spicer ball joints and pocket the extra cash
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    Sil-Glide Grease for sliding pins, pad ears, etc this is what i use. i presume this is the factory slider grease on ate calipers
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    Slightly crooked steering wheel after tire rotation + lower ball joints

    previously aligned with a worn ball joint? other suspension arms disturbed during work?
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    What is Leatherette/MB-Tex?

    these were nice. mine was the color of a caramel sweet the regular 530 and 540 sport seats look nice by they’re horrible for anything longer than a 5 minute drive. probably made of recycled rocks
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    Motul version of Dex VI and Mercon LV

    maxlife is advertised as universal for almost any automatic made in the last 50 years. this is a universal for 2000s era LV fluids. Shell M1375.4 came out at the turn of the century and was quickly followed by the Jaso 1A LV and DexVI/MercLV standards
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    is microgard still wix?

    i’ll cut one up in a sec
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    Castrol Magnatec initial impressions.

    i mean BP US base oil choice has always been worst in class. with a mediocre add pack i don’t see why you’d want this over warren or QSUD
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    Pulling an engine from a Pull & Pay

    nobody swaps the v10 into anything you sell short blocks to people who managed to destroy their old engine. not common but it does happen
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    Why no filters at Costco?

    you can "warranty" your oil filter and other consumables on fcp euro
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    Buy advice? Low mileage BMW but infrequent oil changes

    by servicing i mean any kind of post-warranty repairs. big labor rates (inflated hours) + big parts markup = $$$. this is where the bad reputation of these cars come from.
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    Buy advice? Low mileage BMW but infrequent oil changes

    different servicing environment. american technicians put a higher value on their labor and skills, and it gets more extreme with less common cars\brands.
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    Can't tap lower ball joint out of place

    still better than a press fit lower ball joint if you can get a socket in there refer to the workshop manual and torque to spec
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    Too Slow !!??

    whenever im in illinois it’s basically a free for all the speed limits on i55 heading towards chicago is usually 60-65. state police will ignore you until about 90mph+. without traffic the left lane hogs cruise at about 85, the middle passing lane at 80 and the rightmost is usually 70-75...
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    Best choice for daily driver & off-road?

    gently used, 10 years old is right in OP’s budget. they’re triple locked but have horrible flex for a solid front truck
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    What is Leatherette/MB-Tex?

    you don’t like the fuzzy wuzzy ⁉️
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    So you bought a high mileage auto.....

    mobil 1 or castrol 0w40 cleanup would happen over 10s of thousands of miles