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  1. joekingcorvette

    1967 Green Corvette Convertible

    I just seen on TV that Joe Biden owns a green 1967 Corvette Roadster. It looked to be in awesome condition. Pretty cool just thought I would share.
  2. joekingcorvette

    Fumoto valve defective

    I purchased 2 new Fumoto valves. One for my Corvette and another for my Civic. The Civic one won’t even open up. The lever is messed up and won’t work. I am sending it back. I am not too impressed but will keep the one for the Corvette and use it as a test mule.
  3. joekingcorvette

    Looking at a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk/ any good?

    My son is looking at a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk with 29,000 miles. The reviews are not that great however I see a lot of them on the road. Any input would be appreciated since we are going to look at it on Friday. I like the Jeeps and he does too but I don't want him to get an unreliable...
  4. joekingcorvette

    I bought a new Monkey

    This Honda 125 is a blast. 4 speed with a clutch and top speed is 65mph. Bought it brand new. They are hard to find and I bought it in Norfolk NE which was about 340 miles round trip to pick it up.
  5. joekingcorvette

    2005 Corvette harmonic balancer wobbling 70,000 miles

    Anyone have any input on a harmonic balancer going out on a 2005 Corvette? The car has 70,000 miles and it's sounds like a frequent problem. It seems to me GM should have figured it out long ago how to make a decent product. Are the aftermarket balancers any better and to they have problems...
  6. joekingcorvette

    are rebuilt alternators good?

    My Corvette is making a squeaking noise on start up and lately it makes the noise almost all the time. It appears to be the alternator. A rebuilt is about $180.00 with the core trade in. Are the rebuilt alternators any good? I don't really want to pay $400 for a GM one which is shot at...
  7. joekingcorvette

    2014 Ford F-150 trans fluid change

    I am having a qualified automatic transmission shop change my synthetic AT Fluid in my Ford F-150. It costs $249.00 and they drain the torque converter too and they use synthetic fluid. The truck has 51,000 miles on it and it shifts great. I think the manual states change at 60,000 miles...
  8. joekingcorvette

    1999 Buick LeSabre

    Look at how the car didn't rust from the filter area being wiped off after oil changes. I changed the oil on my moms car and was surprised at the lack of rust in this area. Only 88,000 miles on the car but it's getting rusty. Plus I had to add 3/4 of a gallon of anti freeze so I think the...
  9. joekingcorvette

    Mobil 1 oil filter made in KOREA?

    I just purchased some Mobil 1 oil filters from Walmart on clearance for $3.00 each which is very reasonable. They fit our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 3.6 engine. I noticed after I got home the say made in Korea on the filter. Are these real Mobil 1 filters and are they any good?
  10. joekingcorvette

    Walmart shells shotgun shells $5 box

    I bought a bunch of 20 gauge shotgun shells at Wally for $5.00 per box 3 inch magnum 7/8 oz powder 5 shot. They also had 2 3/4 high base 12 gauge for a little under $5.00 per box and they came in boxes with 4 boxes per little case or 100 shells for under $20.00. I also snagged a bunch of 12...
  11. joekingcorvette

    Honda 125cc Z-50 Clone $4000

    What do you guys think of that new Z-50 Honda Monkey bike clone that is coming out in September or October? They are going to be sold for approximately $4000.00 US and I was thinking about getting one since I had a few Honda mini bikes in my day. They look a lot like the Honda minis of the...
  12. joekingcorvette

    2012 Honda Civic wheels

    I snagged a great deal at discount tire. I went in for a tire repair on my Michelin 90,000 mile tires and they sold me some new wheels. I got a great price and am very happy with our new discount tire store is n Sioux Falls. They are awesome so far!
  13. joekingcorvette

    St oil filter Pentastar

    I bought the Walmart ST filter for a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee it cost only 3.00. It is different than the Mobil 1 filter so I didn't use it. The Jeep Pentastar 3.6 has 6004 miles on the oil and filter. The OLM was at 23 percent. I didn't use the ST filter because the end is different than...