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    Trail of the Cedars - Glacier National Park

    Just wait until we get to Logan Pass...
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    Trail of the Cedars - Glacier National Park

    Another hike we did kind of by accident. The parking lots were full so we had to park along Going to the Sun Road and walk back to the trailhead for Avalanche Lake trail. We took the Cedars trailhead because it was a shortcut to the Avalanche trail. The other option was a walk through a...
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    Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

    Motorcycle+snow+Going to the Sun Road=NO I would have turned back at the slightest hint of snow or ice on the road.
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    Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

    We arrived at Logan Pass about 6:30AM (got up at 5:00AM) to find an almost full parking lot. We parked and hiked the Highline trail, but if we had arrived much later the lot probably would have been full. We routinely get up early to avoid the crowds in national parks.
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    What oil offers best protection for Hydrostat pumps/motors?

    What do the manuals call for? I would think the manufacturer would explicitly say what spec is required.
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    My friend Bill, the mechanic with 50 years of experience, always checks to see that the pad ears slide freely in the caliper and if they don't he takes a bit off with a grinding wheel. He also says the slide pins need to be cleaned and relubed every time the pads are changed. If the pins have...
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    USS Alabama / USS Drum

    I would love to tour the Alabama, I'm sure it is as interesting as the Midway in San Diego.
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    Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

    That's a real bummer. Most of what you can see you need to access from Going to the Sun Road.
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    Devil's Lake State Park near Baraboo, WI

    That's where we stayed. Great campground with lots of room and open space.
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    Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

    We enjoyed Glacier and Kalispell very much and will certainly go back.
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    Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

    More posts coming on Glacier National Park as I get time to add them. Enjoy
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    Electrical issue (light flicker)

    Is there a dimmer in the light circuit? If so, many dimmers don't work well with LEDs. Some dimmers don't work at all with dimmable/non-dimmable LEDs and you'll get behavior like this.
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    Wood Pellet Smoker

    This! ^^^ I owned a Traeger for years until the electronics board died and I didn't fix it. It doesn't use as many wood pellets as you'd think and the smoked meat is amazing. The Traeger takes most of the work out of smoking meat vs wood chunk smokers. However, if you just want to grill...
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    Can propeller planes be push started?

    @adams355 That's a really good article and points out some things I was never taught/heard of. I still won't hand start a Yak again... :)
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    Can propeller planes be push started?

    I've never heard of this, have you prop started an airplane standing behind the prop?
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    Can propeller planes be push started?

    I hand started one of these when I was working as an instructor, many years ago. I used the safety voice commands and positioned myself properly. One of the common practices when hand propping and airplane is to pull the engine through a couple...
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    Cell phone technology

    The wonders of wideband vs narrowband codecs. LTE uses a wideband codec which sounds much better than the old narrowband codecs used in the pre VoLTE days.
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    What’s it like to sit through a crash/air bag deployment?

    I was involved in an accident in my Toyota Sienna back in Jan 2014. A truck spun in front of me on icy roads and I couldn't stop. The result was a 35MPH frontal hit on a stopped loaded box truck. What I remember is one heck of an impact, a very loud BANG as both the airbags and the seat belt...
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    Quick Caliper Rebuild

    Trav does another job THE RIGHT WAY!