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    Nissan XOM full synthetic 0w20 for VK56

    when i bought my x5, i took a blackstone collection bottle to my dealer and collected 2oz of oil from their over head hoses and bought a quart at the parts counter and sent both to blackstone. both were the same, in this case. when pennz introduced 5w40 pennz syn i switched. very happy
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    Ravenol VSE 0w20

    choice of high performance oils is expanding ie, ravenol and rowe. limited sources though.
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    has pennz 5w40 been reformulated?

    has pennz 5W40 been reformulated? i've seen a new bottle of 5W40 on amazon. i have used this oil for several years in my 2010 X5M 78k. excellent oil tests by black stone. nil nil oil consumption. just received a six pack from amazon date code 6 jan 18 on bottles.
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    2016 Harley 883 iron 360 oil

    Harley branded 20w50 petro oil
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    How to change the oil on a 2006 BMW 530I 3.0 L I6

    i purchase my oil filter kit from BMW of Ontario,ca. not reviewing my costs, found i was gouged for several parts; oil filter $47.85(11-42-7-848-321)and $53.80 for 1 spark plug(12-12-0-037-581). won't be getting my parts at Penske. buyer should have checks prices.
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    Running conventional in newer Euro cars

    how about the customer that buys one quart at a time until the red light goes out. never pulls the dip stick.
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    pentosin is a well respected oil and is carried in many indy 'foreign car' auto parts stores in the $9 range.many indy bwn shops use lubro moly 5w40 as their fill oil.there's a new bmw shop in covina 'strassesport' that plans to be stocked with motul products.
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    your point is right on target. we had airmen use 'jet' syn eng. oil in their cars with negative results. blackstone results are back on my x5m with bmw 5w30.before I switched to ultra. all numbers were in line with previous results. very low wear; strong visc.; couldn't ask for better numbers...
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    Quattro Pete is correct. the API has not added a group vi cat. the Europeans have adopted grp vi per the ATIEL industry. they call grp vi , polyinternalolefins(PIOs).performance similar to POAs. Patman posted an article by tim Sullivan that is in depth. Molakuli has a post too , noting...
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    my slip-up, oils I listed are all grp 5 ester based lubes, Not group 6. penz ultra euro pure will be classed a grp 6? natural gas to syn oil . motuls' esters were v , now double ester technology, some lines pao. should run that statement past dave at motul. both neo(formally eon) is diester...
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    ultra euro meets almost all spec's. and will be BMW's fill oil. I've had lots of experience with motu v ; neo and redline all grp 6 and performed great in past vehicles. there's a big blog here on BOB's and the consensus thus far has been shell/pennz has a very good oil. <img...
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    after eng reaching op temp, 190*. thats been the norm temp for 44k mi, even driving in 107* in vegas. first 50>75 miles with ultra, temps were down 15-20* @ 80+ temps. today, closer to 5>10* lower. engine noise no doubt lower. eng oil temps have reached 210*+ during really hard driving , lots of...
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    wouldn't say eng more responsive... ave. mpg since new 13.9. have recorded 17.9 on extended trips. uses zero make up oil between oil changes. all oil samples sent to blackstone. results very good with bmw 5w30. didn't expect lower oil temps but that's what my gage is reflecting. now after...
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    changed brand and sae in my 2010 X5M @44500mi .immediately noted during first drive, engine seemed to run smoother but what can be seen is 15-20 degrees lower oil temps.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2012 kia optima xs 2.0T kia filter 5w40 penn ultra euro
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    Post your latest oil change

    1997 f150 motorcraft fl 820s lubro moly 5w40 6,000mi 2010 bmw x5m bmw filter 5w30 bmw syn 4,000mi
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    new out-look sucks. old Hotmail worked just fine!!! they don't learn, as with mirco 8 , also sucks.
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    What's Your Favorite Handgun Caliber?

    we favor 40cal for our family of target pistels; h&k;glock;seg;smith;
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    Castrol Edge 0w-40 Vs. Castrol Edge Sport 0w-40

    my post on c3 and LL4 ,not for u.s. models, only applies because of the fuel in the u.s.a.. i looked into different oil choices i would have for my x5m and could'nt get an answer from bmw service. their answer was follow my owners manual. for my first dealer oil change, they put in the wrong...
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    Castrol Edge 0w-40 Vs. Castrol Edge Sport 0w-40

    C3 and LL04 is not recommended for gas bmw vehicles. these oils are not compatible with some gasolines solded in the u.s.