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    Distilled water for cooling....article

    Hi guys Please read the article and tell me what you think. I normally use dustilled for a coolant flush, but this article suggests using soft water. I plan to do a flush this weekend, just...
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    Lost original username

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows who to contact if my previous user name was lost during the last website update? I cant seem to find who to contact. Thanks. And happy new year.
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    Anyone use the stuff. Just curious if it actually does something. Thanks
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    Auto trans relearn.

    So I disconnected the battery for a night and now my trans shifting seems a little off. Just curious if anyone knows how many miles it takes for the trans to relearn the shifting characteristics. It's a 2019 santa fe 2.0 8 speed. Thanks
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    75w-85 vs 90 longevity

    So we have 2019 santa fe AWD, 75w-85 usually our other cars have used a 90 weight. My question is......did they chose an 85 weight for meg's or longevity? We want to keep this car a LONG time. Would you swap it out for a 90?
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    ROCKAUTO selling old expired stock.

    Just wanted to share with everyone that rockauto is selling old expired Lubegard biotech 15 ounce bottles. I just bought 10, they looked a little old to me so I emailed pictures of the bottles to Lubegard. They confirmed that the bottles I have are older than 7 years. Which is past the shelf...
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    Take off Turtle wax slick n shine.

    Any tips on how to remove turtle wax slick n shine, black bottle? Thanks Nm
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    Thermostat question

    Hey everyone, Just wondering, how can you tell if your thermostat is going bad? We have just started getting colder weather here -6 to -20c. My 2010 Santa Fe 3.5 takes a while to warm up. This is expected as it is colder, but what i have noticed is that instead of the temp needle slowly...
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    Oil change after induction cleaning?

    So my oil, QS 5w-40 has 1000kms on it. I am going to do an induction clean with CRC before we go on a 18 hour road trip. Do I really need to change the oil after or could I change it when we get back in two weeks 4,000kms later. 2.0 T hundai engine.
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    Euro turbos vs Asian Turbos

    Just wondering if there is any real reason why most euro turbos spec 5w-40 and most asian turbo engines spec 5w-30? And yes I know about CAFE.
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    Hey Yall I have a 2019 turbo Santa Fe. And a TON of 5w-30 Maxlife Semi-Syn. Just wondering if anyone uses semi-syn in the newer turbo engine? I noticed the flash point for the mixlife is 199c and the flash for the castrol 5w-30 edge is 202c. Pretty dang close. Just wanted to get some...
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    A case FOR 5w-30 vs 5w-20

    Car in question - 2010 Santa Fe 3.5. It had 5w-20 for 142,000kms - - at 142,500 the exhaust CVVT actuator seals went - requiring a total exhaust sidereplacement. Oil was changed every 6 months regardless of kms - - -usually changed between 3-5000 kms - with syn 5w-20 or 0w-20 in the winter...
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    Iridium vs Platinum

    Hi Everyone, We just bought a new turbo Santa Fe - 2019. It has OEM platinum plugs - - - Just wondering if I can swap out those for some iridiums. They last longer and require less energy to spark. Just wondering tf there is a reason for the plats - - - We had a 09 Audi that had platinums as...
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    5w-40 for Turbo Summer oil

    Hi Yall, I never thought I would post one of those - what do you think threads - - yet here we are...... We just got a turbo 2019 Hyundai SF. I was thinking of running 5w-40 in the summer - - we do a lot of highway driving - - - 10+ hours drives. Then back to 5w-30 for the winter. It gets...
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    Monroe Quick Struts - Opinions

    Hi Everyone, I am thinking of replacing the front suspension with Monroe Quick Struts - 2010 Santa Fe v6. Just wondering if anyone had opinions - good or bad. Thanks NM
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    75w85 VS 75w90

    Hey Everyone, Our 2019 Santa Fe specs 75w-85 in the transfer case and rear diff. In the past I have used 75w-90. I was wondering if you all think the 90 weight would be better for longevity VS .005 mileage increase for the 85. Thanks
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    Change on new trans

    Just wondering Does anybody do a drain and fill on a new auto trans at an earlier interval? Say 15,000 miles? Then go to the usual 30,000? Trans in question is the 8 speed auto in our 2019 Santa Fe. Thanks
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    Rough idle... Only in drive

    Hey everyone. Looking for some input. We have a 2010 Santa Fe. 3.5 v6. With 80 000 miles. It drives fine but has started ideling rough only in drive. The plugs have only 40 000 miles on the. Deno iridums. I just did an induction cleaning with CRC. Still there.... Only in drive though. Any...
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    A little help with a 2010 Santa Fe

    Hi Everyone Just thought I would ask for a hand - - - I am replacing a crankshaft position sensor on a 2010 Santa Fe 3.5 V6 this week. I know where the sensor is located but I am not sure what I need to remove in order to get at it. Would anyone have access to service manuals or pics to help...
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    Spray cleaning DI valves.

    Doing some searches did not yield much. How often do you guys spray clean your intake valves on your Direct Injected valves. We do mostly city driving. Thanks