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    Electrical issue (light flicker)

    GE breakers are very failure prone, so much so that I keep extra 15 and 20 amp GE breakers "in stock" at all times. I have replaced many of them. Just go ahead and replace the breaker, they are cheap and it is an easy way to eliminate it as being the cause. Wall switches also fail, replacing the...
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    Which to keep?

    Keep the 2011 Camry so you can teach your daughter how to drive a stick in a couple of years. When she destroys the clutch... no harm/no foul. EVERYONE should know how to drive a stick, I taught both of my kids and they thank me for it now. IMO people who drive sticks are better drivers, even...
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    Upgraded to a new (used) lawn mower!

    It won't "rust", but the aluminum alloy formulation Toro uses does corrode, it gradually turns to white dust. If the engine and drive system receive some occasional maintenance, the corrosion is what will eventually render the mower unusable.
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    Best choice for daily driver & off-road?

    Get a 4Runner and be done with it. You'll never regret the purchase, nobody who has owned one that I personally know has ever regretted the purchase. They are rock solid dependable, rugged, and hold their resale value well. As for purchasing a first year model of a total redesign, I don't...
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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    Charles Tandy died in 1978. Radio Shack was viable and profitable until the mid 90's, well past his death. One of the first really dumb moves that they made after he died was in the early 80's when they pulled their PCs from Radio Shack stores and put them in dedicated Tandy Computer stores...
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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    They were profitable when they actually did this, it is when they stopped selling the miscellaneous parts and became a cell phone and toy store that they went downhill.
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    This is one reason why Amazon is winning

    Not Home Depot. I have a serious bone to pick with their website... it is VERY inaccurate! I can't tell you how many times I have spotted something that I needed, showing as in-stock on their website, only to go there and they didn't have the item. This is unforgivable given the fact that they...
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    Went from Android to iOS

    +1 Love the huge battery! Adding to this... it is a genuine bargain at it's price point. Is this phone way too cheap or are all the other phones way too expensive?
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    When the ship is sinking they will sell to whomever offers them the most money. The Chinese have accumulated the most money. This scenario has already been visited, contemplated, and rejected (for now). IMO, the one last hope that Stellantis has will be a bail-out by the French, Italian, and...
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    Coolant drain valve location(s) for 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma?

    On my Sienna, the coolant drain cock plugs for the block are located on both sides of the block under the exhaust manifolds. You might not be able to see or manipulate them from the top of the engine. Toyota does recommend draining the block on coolant flushes. Hint: To drain the coolant from...
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    Intermittent Turn Key - No Crank Condition

    I was going to say that it sounds like a problem with the car's anti-theft chip key system. I have run into this problem before on Ford products. Mazdas from this era have a lot of Ford components in them (even though they were divorced by then). If the instrument cluster contains the associated...
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    Jeep compass any thoughts good or bad??

    I rented one for a week, I strongly suggest that you do the same before you buy one. After one week of driving it (actually, after the second day), I decided that I would never buy one. Slow, noisy, unresponsive transmission, clumsy handling, cramped, uncomfortable, crude, thirsty (the one I...
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    Nasty smell after accelerating

    My Sienna has done this since day one. My wife's Honda does it too. It only happens after moderate to hard acceleration before the engine is completely warmed-up. It is caused by a rich running condition during open-loop mode. It never occurs after the engines are fully warmed-up and operating...
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    18 Ah AGM battery, Will it alone be able to.....?

    There are different kinds of batteries used in the higher quality jump starters than the UB12XXX gel cell batteries. I found this out when I replaced the battery in an excellent Booster PAC ES5000 jump starter box. The standard UB12180-UB12220 batteries are deep cycle batteries, the batteries...
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    They sure don't like German and other European makes very much. I didn't spot a single vehicle that scored either a 1-star or a 5-star rating. There isn't much here that is of any value IMO.
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    Old Toyota

    The FJ40's were built like a tank and weren't prone to being rust buckets. Now days they are not good daily drivers because they can't keep up with modern traffic. The Toyota F-Series (GMC/Chevy licensed knock-off) I6 engine was a tough and reliable engine with good low-end torque, but it was a...
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    Viper 99cc

    Troy-Bilt and it's engines are made by MTD. While MTD is based in Ohio, the engines are manufactured over in China.
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    Consumer Reports 2021 Least Reliable Trucks - GM Dominates?

    Talk about the blind leading the blind. The only profitable brands that Stellantis sells are Jeep and Ram. I predict that both of these brands will be sold to a Chinese company to obtain cash before the entire ship sinks.
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    202X Ford Maverick

    Ford has already manufactured a vehicle like this from 2001-2010, the Sport Trac. It looks like it was almost identical in size to this new truck, and it was pretty popular. I don't know why they are calling the new one Maverick, they should have just used the Sport Trac name, people would have...
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    Briggs 10.5 surging. About to pull my **** hair out

    If it pulled the starter rope out of your hand you might have a sheared flywheel key. It also won't run right.