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  1. tiger862

    John Deere d100

    With this mower there are covers over idlers which is where I found most leaves. I was flushing under covers but after today I think I will continue as I was doing with adding removal of deck so I can remove covers and clean,then grease spindles more. Maintenance schedule says 25 hours for...
  2. tiger862

    John Deere d100

    If I wait for it to dry it would be head high. We have had 20+ inches of rain so far and 5 more coming in next couple of days. Just went down from 8 inches Friday so in 7 days could have close to 15 inches. Ditches are full.
  3. tiger862

    First Riding mower - Help me out.

    I have John Deere with 19 hp which seems to be same family as 17.5. I have hydrostatic transmission and this combination has proven to be a winner. I have worked the crap out of it, got it so stuck i used Caravan to remove it. I cut 3 acres with it and only problems were a battery as well as...
  4. tiger862

    John Deere d100

    Just an update. Took deck off and under the deck is rusty but not rusted through. What I noticed is I am not doing a great job at cleaning as I use the water port to clean underneath deck then spray all debris on top of deck as well as sticking hose in covers. Once I got deck out from under and...
  5. tiger862

    Home Auto Repair Question

    They nailed a guy around here couple of years ago for same thing. He claimed helping family and since he was a disabled auto mechanic he got watched. Lost everything and opened a shop but since his back was so bad he lost that as well and cost him everything. EPA fined him since he didn't have...
  6. tiger862

    Pennzoil Platinum 0W20, 5,825 miles, 2017 Civic 1.5T

    This report makes a good argument that 0w20 is better for this engine. Looks like better wear numbers, held viscosity and tbn was still good all with more miles.
  7. tiger862

    John Deere d100

    Yes. 700 vs 2k I still have to remove the deck so won't know what extent the rust yes.
  8. tiger862

    John Deere d100

    I clean after each mow. Wash it down with garden hose on high pressure since first one only lasted 2 years. This one is 8 years old with rust around the shoot. Like I said it gets worked not just mowing. Looked today and it is d110.
  9. tiger862

    John Deere d100

    Can't use a ZTR as ground is to soft
  10. tiger862

    John Deere d100

    I have d100 for 2 years and deck is starting to rust. Mom had older John Deere rider that only lasted 2 years from deck rot then she bought the D100 in 2012. I got with 30 hours so I have been cleaning the deck regularly since I have been using it. Question is if anyone else have problems with...
  11. tiger862

    What's For Supper?

    White Beans, grilled garlic bread with chicken from the Weber.
  12. tiger862

    Whats the worst looking fluid you've drained from a vehicle?

    Pull drain plug on Impala back around the nineties for warranty as it quit. 20k with no oil changes. I removed pan with jelly in it as it wouldn't drain. Got it warranted caused she claimed no one told her she needed oil changes since it was new.
  13. tiger862


    I put hour meter in my Caravan since last oil change which I am up to 100 hours at 1500 miles. I was running sever duty of 4k as that is what is in manual. I am still trying to decide on 200 hours, 4k, 5k or OLM oci.
  14. tiger862

    Favorite Oil Brand for OPE

    Valvoline Advance Synthetic 5w30
  15. tiger862

    Post your latest small engine oil change

    New Troy Bilt Colt tiller 20 oz of 10w30 that came with it. Will run for a week then go Valvoline Advance Synthetic 5w30.
  16. tiger862

    earthquake tiller any body bought one?

    I was looking at them recently but noticed parts are hard to get and quite a few had shafts splitting. They are also belt driven. I purchased the Troy Bilt Colt with 208cc engine as my brother in law has had one which gets lots of use.
  17. tiger862

    One oil For GM/Flex/Jeep?

    Different cams, newer oil delivery to vvt, egr. These are some differences.
  18. tiger862

    Getting old sucks

    I made it to 50 before the automotive repairs got me. Cage in back was told no more. I started at 10 years old rebuilding engines under a tree. We couldn't afford correct equipment so benching transmission off your chest was normal. Worked on everything from Sunbeam Spider to cranes. Hardest...
  19. tiger862

    One oil For GM/Flex/Jeep?

    Incorrect on Jeep 3.6 as he has newest version.