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    Recommend a thick 10w-30

    My engine calls for 10w-30, and that’s all I use. It is a turbocharged performance car from the 90s, with no emissions. Mainly an auto cross toy, but I do drive it to events. So I have never looked at actual racing oils. I’ve just used Mobil 1 synthetic 10w-30. It shears out of the 30 weight...
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    High zinc 10W-30

    It's been awhile since I've needed an oil with higher zinc, so not sure where to turn as formulations seem to change all the time. Not looking for a racing oil, as they seem to have no detergents, and need very frequent changing per my analysis in the past. Looking for a simple off the shelf...
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    Royal enfield interceptor 650 oil choice

    I have a 2020 Royal enfield interceptor 650, and interested in some options on oil. I've owned a good number of bikes, mostly high dollar sport bike stuff. This enfield has the nicest shifting transmission I've ever felt, up until I reach 300-500 miles, and it starts to feel not as good...
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    3.2 V6 Cayenne oil help

    2007 cayenne 3.2, I had it serviced when under warranty at the dealer and at random places since. Always full synthetic, Changed at 5-6k intervals, but who knows which weights were used. I think it calls for either a 0w-40 or 5w-30. Little under 200k miles, and still running great. Peeking in...
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    Ktm 690 Suggested Oil

    I have a 2013 or 2014 KTM 690 duke, not exactly sure what year off the top of my head! Bought it new, and have only used the factory recommended motorex 10w-60 with short 1,000-1,500 mile intervals. Not impressed with this expensive oil, and looking to make a switch. Looked at various 690...
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    Microgard Manufacter

    I generally run wix on all my vehicles, but no one locally has them in stock for a newly acquired vehicle. I can get a microgard today, but cannot find who currently is making the filters. Anyone know? Thanks!
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    Oil for 97 Trooper

    Picked up a 97 Trooper, to do light towing. (Dirt bikes) and whatever random household chores it could be used for. I know these have oiling issues, and have read really old threads about using certain oils to help aid that. What are people having decent luck with these days? It has 150k...
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    80s Dodge D150 318 oil

    Hello All I have a mid 80s D150, with a 318. Runs great. Unknown mileage though. What oil should I be using in this truck? I have 15w-40 dino diesel oil laying around. Few gallons of el cheapo Delo, and some Rotella (white bottle) Would either of those be fine? It's 80+ here at the moment...
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    Oil for Fiat 500

    Hello guys! I've been a lurker for many years here, and finally decided to join. My girlfriends daily is a 2015 Fiat 500. It currently has around 55k miles. I try and keep up with all of her vehicles service, and when I change the oil in it I've used recommended euro pennzoil. On average the...