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    DCT fluid

    I was just about to change a the fluid in a Ford Fiesta with the GETRAG 6DCT250 for a friend. Not paying attention, I bought Valvoline DCT fluid, and some how decided to look up the spec M2C 936A that the valvoline reference and it is for a wet clutch DCT not a dry clutch Ford has this fluid...
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    PGL Concentrate $8.99

    PGL on Sale for $10.10 with additional 11%off Final Price $8.99 Ends Tomorrow.
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    J300 spec

    Most people here probabbly know this, but I found it interesting the the original J300 spec in 1911 for oil grades was the oil flow time at 100deg C.
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    Oil Testing

    Was curious as to why the Timken bearing wear test is not used more to test the lubricity of the oils and measuring the wear scar? Wouldn’t this provide some idea of how the oil would protect I know it does not quite simulate exact engine conditions, but it could be a relative comparison...
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    TES 295 ATF in a PS calling for DEXIII

    I know in the past the TES-295 carried a DEXIII approval. Does anyone know if the TES295 SPEC changed recently or is the formulation still "compatible or suitable" to use in DEXIII applications? I also plan on using it on a 2012 Silverado PS pump that calls for some GM part#. I have Delvac 1 ATF...
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    Universal Coolant

    Most of the vehicles I maintain have standardized on MAXLIFE ATF so far so good. I hate replacing coolant as always end up with an opened jug. Honda Blue, Dexcool, Toyota Pink. etc and with the toxicity of coolant, I do not want to waste more than need be. Can I standardize coolant to one of...
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    Thick vs. Thin

    I was poking around Valvolines website and ran across this in the FAQ. “Is it ok to use 5W-30 in a car if the owner's manual calls for 5W-20? Valvoline does not recommend doing this. Using a heavier grade than recommended may cause decrease in fuel economy, higher engine loads and eventually...
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    Toyota 5.7L burning oil

    A bit of back sorry, I maintain a 5.7L for a buddy of mine which has 70K miles. I have maintained it since about 20K miles and it always used Mobil 1 AFE 0w-20 every 5K miles as he does not want deviate from the recommended viscosity. Did not use a drop between oil changes Fast forward to the...
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    Hoping the J35 experts can chime in

    I posted this on the Ody forum and have gotten a lot of views but not a single reply. Hoping someone Like Trav, Clinebarger, The Critic might have an idea. This van has been keeping me busy lately. Body and interior are mint and engine and trans are strong even with the varnish on one side as I...
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    AutoXtra Filter CUT OPEN (Wix 57356 cross match)

    Daughter car needed an oil change, IDK who installed this filter, but does not look too bad. 5K Miles on filter in Honda 1.8L Ignore any metallic particle ls used a reciprocating saw to cut open.
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    Time to replenish Oil Filter Stash

    I go through 36 filters a year maintaining various vehicles, farm and power sports equipment for myself and family members. I normally use WIX regular filters and order all at once from RA for the year but was wondering if there is a better online place to source these from? I have always been...
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    PCV Valve OEM or Aftermarket

    I was curious to see if most people use OEM rather than aftermarket PCV valves (50/50 split?) I have used both based on price and availability. What's venting your crankcase?
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    Dealership service and TPMS sensors

    I have been having a TPMS issue in the Silverado for the last few years. I Just wanted to share an experience I had and how it was resolved . Full disclosure this the only Big three product I own and for the most part has been fairly reliable but I am not as familiar with them as I am with the...
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    I ran into this website called Toollots. They seem to carry just about everything with harbor freight like prices or better. I never heard of them before and was wondering if anyone has purchased anything from them?
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    Which 2 post Lift would you buy?

    Friend of mina has a limited budget and so far has found three lifts that meets his criteria. He only has a 10+ft celling in his garage. His budget is under $2500. He is getting older and wants something a bit easier. He understands he wont be able to stand under the lift with only a 10 ft...
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    Coolant disposal

    Were do most people take their coolant for disposal? A lot of places around me will gladly take oil but not coolant. Thanks
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    Aisin Timing Belt and Water pump kits

    I used to get these from Rock Auto and just bought a kit this past summer. Just looking on the site they no longer carry the Aisin Kits. Other than Amazon or Ebay. Any one else know a reputable place to source these?
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    Varnish on 1/2 of J-35 Honda

    Since I was replacing the fuel pump on the old Odyssey (teenagers DD) and decided might as well do a 2nd and final timing belt and water pump replacement (so I figured why not adjust the valves as well since it has been 110K since I last did them.). What amazed me the intake plenum was coated...
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    Use of TBN and TAN outdated?

    Lubrizol is thinking it is time to reevaluate their use. What say you?
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    I am generally a fan of Maxlife ATF, and use in in Aisin transmissions and Honda transmissions with great results. I decided to take it one step further, and this summer I tried in on a velvet drive marine transmission that calls for DEXIII. The transmission immediately started slipping...