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  1. PimTac

    Tesla voice commands; Tesla cool...

    Pretty stupid thinking. Teach your children well.
  2. PimTac

    Did he have stability control turned off?

    More like stupidity control turned up.
  3. PimTac

    MOTOR Magazine: "Top up with DexCool in VW/Audi vehicles..."

    It’s probably outdated anyway as this was 16 years ago.
  4. PimTac

    Spray Sealant Question

    With the ease of using spray sealants I don’t see the advantage of a coating.
  5. PimTac

    Conventional Gone

    And there is the answer. Many of us just added reasons why. Nobody comes out and says you must use conventional oil.
  6. PimTac

    Ideal Maintenance Plan and early part replacement - 9 year old 100k Mazda 6 4cyl 2.5

    One of the first SkyActiv 2.5 motors. Great engine. I would reduce the engine air filter change to 30k/3 years. I just had mine changed at 15,000 miles ( three years) and it looked fairly dirty already. I don’t do any long cross country drives. Of course, the filter is a easy check item.
  7. PimTac

    How does Champion compare to M1, Wix, Amsoil, etc

    Brand names are irrelevant these days. Two corporations make most of the filters.
  8. PimTac

    First Oil Change

    Mobil is a good choice. Any major brand of 0w20 will be fine.
  9. PimTac


    What was the issue?
  10. PimTac

    This plane flew over and was very low.

    It looks like a Coast Guard C130 Minotaur. The tail marking is half right but the blue fuselage is throwing me a curve. Maybe another Federal Agency or a plane that has yet to get its final paint and decal ?
  11. PimTac

    Do comparable filters have the same specks?

    I prefer filters with a cellophane cover. That keeps the specks out.
  12. PimTac

    Spotted 2021 Mustang Mach-E today at grocery store

    This should bring back nightmares for ya Arco.
  13. PimTac

    Electrical issue (light flicker)

    Turn off that breaker and find out what else it powers. Any problems with those fixtures? If yes then it’s likely that circuit /breaker. If no, then it’s that particular fixture.
  14. PimTac

    math question - probability

    Way above my head. I still do division by the hangman method.
  15. PimTac

    Quickie Lubes; which one? Or?

    A big point here would be convenience. That person should ask around. Anything on base?
  16. PimTac

    Castrol 0W16, made in Japan

    That looks like a older version too. It’s SN.
  17. PimTac

    Are Exide Batteries any good?

    Johnson Controls spun off their battery business. It’s now Clarios.
  18. PimTac

    A new (and sad) record for windshield wiper lifespan.

    You are not alone. I replaced the factory wipers on my Mazda with Bosch ones and they did fine for a few months then started to chatter on misty days. After about six months or so they were streaking. I had considered Bosch to be a good product. I just had them replaced recently with Denso...
  19. PimTac

    RIP Prince Philip