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    Rotella T1 30w not for high speed engines?

    the T1 is for the old 2 stroke detroit diesels. run some supertech 15w40 or mobil 1 15w50, change it every 50 hours, and sleep well.
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    how to clean old military uniforms

    My dad gave me a few items today that are pretty special to me and I'd like to preserve them to pass down to future generations. He gave me his 1965 SAAU champion boxing jacket, his Vietnam era Marine Corps dress blues, and my grandfathers WW2 era Army uniform. They have been sitting untouched...
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    scored a sweet deal on a generator

    We have a rubber hose from under the house that we connect to the natural gas connection on the generator, with a valve to turn the flow on and off. That way we can move the generator and pick it up as needed.
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    scored a sweet deal on a generator

    I'll most likely be putting a natural gas kit on it
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    scored a sweet deal on a generator

    Was at my cousins house helping him clean out his shed, as hes preparing to sell his house. He's getting rid of pretty much everything. He had a Pro8000 Briggs generator in the corner, looked brand new. He asked if I wanted it, he said the oil is full of gas and the carb needs work. It's a twin...
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    ratchet straps

    <a href="" target="_blank">https:/<wbr>/<wbr><wbr>watch?v=9mFX3Ezdkfw</a> this video shows the other way I was taking about, in my original post, from the bottom and through the slot like others have told me is the correct way. So is...
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    0w40 oil Mobil 1

    Motorcraft 15W40 at Walmart in a 5 quart jug. lots of zinc
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    ratchet straps

    This may sound silly to some. A friend of mine and I were loading a 4 wheeler on a trailer recently, binding it down with ratchet straps. For some odd reason, we got on the subject of the correct way to thread the strap through the ratchet. I've always done it as shown in the video below, while...
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    Honda GX390

    Honda GX390 13 hp air cooled, Blackmax Generator 8kw , my dad bought it new for Hurricane Katrina, so its knocking on 15 years old but it has never given him a lick of trouble and doesnt have many hours ( thankfully, low hours means not much hurricane activity). I've maintained it for him using...
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    Getting a free 1997 Chevy 1500 extended cab

    Do the intake gaskets, the 350 Vortecs are notorious for bad intake gaskets along with the 4.3 Vortec, same engine with two cylinders lobbed off.
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    98 Camry busted oil drain plug

    Much thanks to you for helping the less fortunate. So much truth to the phrase people like you make the world a better place.
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    spin on fuel filter

    not sure why the links cant be clicked on One is a Racor R12T, small filter the other is a Racor S3227, longer filter
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    spin on fuel filter

    I finally have my 15 hp Johnson running great, along with the bearings replaced in the foot. Although it sounds like overkill, I want to put a spin on Racor filter/housing, along with a valve to shut off fuel flow to run the carburetors dry every time I come in from a fishing trip, great thing...
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    Hurricane Oil

    In South Louisiana heat, 15W40, 15W50 and 20W50, nothing else.
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    STP S8A C&P

    mpack 88, if your buddy ever wants to sell that truck, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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    15 HP Johnson Outboard

    yes thats it, which website did you find it? everywhere I've tried its unavailable
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    1982 Honda 185S 3 wheeler

    For a friend of mine, needed some work so we made a deal that if I fixed it I could use it whenever I want and I've been using it alot, runs great after a new carb and intake boot. I've been using 10W40 wet clutch oil, which I think is Honda spec, I don't run it hard, mostly on trails, but I do...
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    15 HP Johnson Outboard

    Took apart the foot today, I need to replace the bearing right behind the prop. The bearing is obsolete. Part Number 0386213, does anyone know where maybe I can find a NOS bearing?
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    15 HP Johnson Outboard

    Came out ahead on the 20 Mariner with low compression, sold it for $300 and picked up a 1976 15 Johnson from an old man who hadnt used it in 2 years for $200. Took it to one of my friends who is pretty good with outboards who said the carrier bearing behind the prop needs to changed, and I'll...
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    20 hp Mariner low compression

    Someone was telling me possible stuck rings from sitting up. Its a 2 stroke