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  1. BeerCan

    Does anyone here have a JDM mini truck? KEI

    Ran across these mini trucks and they look pretty useful. I am debating whether to get one vs a utv. The prices seem good, they come in 4x4 and some have dump beds or scissor lifts. Only other thing I would want is diesel but they all seem to be gasoline.
  2. BeerCan

    Can someone tell me what this is?

    Is this some kind of fire hydrant extension or something? There is a hydrant abit down the road.
  3. BeerCan

    2017 Ford 6.7PS ~9.6k miles Kirkland 15w40 HDEO

    Lot's of real heavy towing ~60% and some fairly cold starts, nothing to crazy high teens low 20's for about 2 weeks.
  4. BeerCan

    diesel fuel dirt

    This seems to be the biggest problem I face with diesel fuel in my travels. I try to buy from only clean looking stations that look busy but as I am often on the road it's hard to tell. All of this could be from one station or a build up over time. From my Ford 6.7 superduty.
  5. BeerCan

    MGD MGL57151 ~9.5k

    Ran this $4.99 filter from oreilly for about 10k miles. Seems to have held up well.
  6. BeerCan

    Not really funny but interesting to me

    I moved my brother from Moodus CT to Nashville TN. I put this mandarin orange on the bed of my truck in Moodus and forgot about it. It stayed there from CT to TN and then all the way home to FL. About 1600 miles or more.
  7. BeerCan

    I need brake pads and rotors for my F250

    Anyone have recommendations for pads and rotors for my f250? I need stuff that stops number one. Stopping power is most important, noise is second. I can deal with the dust. I tow a lot and the oem brakes I feel could be better. I am at 80k and I feel it's time to get this done before I...
  8. BeerCan

    Who lives in Tennessee? I'm moving

    We are moving to the lower part of Tennessee. Looking around Chattanooga, Cleveland and Athens. Anyone live in these areas can give me the lowdown? We are looking for a little land but don't want to live in the wilderness. Looking for an are that has a somewhat vibrant town that will allow...
  9. BeerCan

    Valuation of Deere 790 and x300

    Looking at a house and they guy is including his tractors in the sale. I need help on valuation of these items. Did not know where to post and this section looked good. JD 790 with bucket, bush hog and another attachment that looked like a giant rake (sorry I am not an expert) JD x300 Both...
  10. BeerCan

    2020 duramax 3.0 issues

    I have a friend I visited last night that has a 2020 GMC PU with the 3.0 Duramax. He uses it to tow his camper and is having some serious issues with it. 3 x he has left on trips and has ended up having a no start issue. Truck runs fine, he turns it off and when he goes back it is completely...
  11. BeerCan

    What retailer has the best tool combo kit?

    I need to get a toolkit today that has sockets, drivers and box wrenches so I am stuck going to the local retail places. I have Costco, Sams, HD, Lowes and HF. I would like as decent a kit as I can get. I know I can get the correct answer here. Thanks
  12. BeerCan

    Who's still rockin' a turntable?

    Saw my TT sitting in the corner all lonley and it got me wondering who still uses one. I am mostly computer based now, have not used the TT in a while. Dual 701, I think with a shure v15 and jitco needle. I have shure and ortofon cartridges and a few jitco needles laying around.
  13. BeerCan

    My favorite breakfast

    Made corned beef last night so this morning I decided to make hash with the leftovers.
  14. BeerCan

    So, a jumper cable

    So a jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says " I'll serve you but don't start anything."
  15. BeerCan

    My world view

  16. BeerCan

    request from my kids

    So every year my kids ask me to sing for them at christmas. They were begging me all day, so finally tired of the nagging I asked them what they wanted to hear. After some discussion amongst themselves they came to me and said they wanted to hear Wonderwall by Oasis. I said maybe.
  17. BeerCan

    What is the longest time it took someone to pay you back or pay a bill?

    Weird, we just got payed on an invoice that is about 12 years old. We did some work for someone when we just started and he did not pay the bill. Basically after awhile he ghosted us. Of course we had to move on but we do send an invoice once a year just as a reminder. Lo and behold we got a...
  18. BeerCan

    This vid is just plain cool. Mini wankel

    wish I had skills like this
  19. BeerCan

    Made some apple fritters this morning

    One of my favorite treats, used honey crisp in these
  20. BeerCan

    Inside my 845 SE

    To much dust accumulating on my amps so I decided to clean them. took the covers off to get the dust and thought someone might be interested in what is inside. These are puresound 18w single ended amps. I don't really care for the sound so they mostly sit on my shelf. Good to heat the room...