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    Inside the Tesla Model 3 Electric Motor

    From the Boring Company.......I hate having to think about electricity, makes my brain hurt!
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    What are you using to protect the underneath of the mower deck!?

    About 2 years ago, I would have said POR15, but no more. Stuff was applied correctly and still comes off. Don't put anything...and make a habit of washing it out with a lawn sprinkler after each use...then at end of season when you are winterizing spray the underside with Fluid Film, Rust...
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    Ideal Maintenance Plan and early part replacement - 9 year old 100k Mazda 6 4cyl 2.5

    I think you could go longer on the antifreeze, most OEM's are - and have been - using long-life coolants for a while, with 8-10 year replacement intervals. This is better for the environment and your wallet. If your area has any issues with road salt use in the winter, check if a corrosion oil...
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    Brake Caliper Maintenance

    For most cars and CUV. SUV, the OEM's have shifted the braking to be more rear axle based for most stopping. Less front end dive, less chassis upset for general driving. IF heavy braking is requested, then fronts get the call.
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    Who Do You Look Like?

    Drew Carey. Now the thinner version.
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    German Car Techs Using Augmented Reality in the Service Bay

    Significantly less moving pieces, no electronic thermostats, no pollution control systems, simple transmission if any, less dependence on owner to maintain for proper performance (no oil changes) I think this will be easier.
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    What’s it like to sit through a crash/air bag deployment?

    I wear a watch all the time, and the thought of my wrist slapping my face with a big stainless steel diver type is not a pleasant concept. Fortunately not many people smoke a pipe while driving...or eat popsicles. Scary thread.
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    German Car Techs Using Augmented Reality in the Service Bay

    The electrification of automobiles will effectively press Reset on the complexity. High time. The Germans lead the pack in the promotion of technology without enough consideration of reliability or future costs to owners.
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    What are you doing right now?

    Waiting out the side effects of my Astra Zeneca Covid shot # 1. Got it yesterday afternoon. Woke up this morning achy all over, read for a bit, declined marital relations...a first....and then had a 3 hour nap. Feeling better.
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    Should I grease brand new upper control arm ?

    Grease it, but not to the point over punctuation.
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    A new (and sad) record for windshield wiper lifespan.

    Weird how they could mess this up, not as if they are new to the tech.
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    Quick Caliper Rebuild

    How old was this Saab?
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    Just had a eye opening experience with my leaking PS system.

    I think that some of these leak seal products are marketed to people for last chance in their trade-in cars....get the most out of the old beast before it goes off to the wholesaler.
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    Face masks with Graphene

    The whole nano-particle situation needs close scrutiny by health experts, I hate to think that waxing my car in 2020 will cause me health problems in 2035.
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    MV CVTF for 2015 Subaru Outback?

    What is meant by 'shifts better' when it's a non-shifting transmission? are you talking about engaging drive or reverse from park?
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    Fake Pizza

    Why would you bother?
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    Pulling an engine from a Pull & Pay

    Question becomes, if the car is in otherwise good shape, why would it be in the scrap yard? Either the engine or transmission has said bye-bye would be my guess.
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    Mazda emblem on steering wheel shines way too bright

    If you wrap it, or cover with one of those Ali Express things, I'd be concerned about how the airbag is supposed to split the cover? I might be overthinking this?
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    I think this would be an ex-cell-ent idea.
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    All reaction scores set to zero

    I want to know if we can compete for "most ignored" member?