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  1. Papa Bear

    TV power supply repair - diode replacement options

    Switch mode power supplies run at a high frequency ( ~15KHz) and the 1N4007 etc diodes are for 60 Hz
  2. Papa Bear

    Two Brothers/RLS exhaust

    Needs fishtails ...
  3. Papa Bear

    Is your internet speed slower then advertised?

    I signed for 60/10 and regularly get 70/12.
  4. Papa Bear

    Lawyers in a Zoom call

    I believe that is the judge's frame with his video off because he was cracking up ....
  5. Papa Bear

    What're your home thermostat settings?

    10pm -- 7am 68F 7am -- 10pm 71F Mama Bear and I are over 75 yrs old, we need a little more heat than we used to .... ;)
  6. Papa Bear

    So I walked up to the bar...

    Great story (y)
  7. Papa Bear

    Good riddance to 2020! Looking forward to a far better year in 2021

    My next birthday I'll be 77 yrs old .... I would have been 78 but I was locked down for a year :cool:
  8. Papa Bear

    Merry Christmas !

    Best wishes to all the BITOG members and their families for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! :)
  9. Papa Bear

    BITOG Merch

    I made this up in 2006
  10. Papa Bear

    Snow coming on the east coast Wednesday

    I have nowhere to go anyway, we're on lock-down in our area.
  11. Papa Bear

    Queen's Gambit

    Great show - the last 5 mins blew me away !
  12. Papa Bear

    Ohio Trip

    Cool pics, Pete (y)
  13. Papa Bear

    Low Profile...

    I can't wait to see the snow tires installed ....
  14. Papa Bear

    Pennzoil Platinum for Canadians

    It's listed in their flyer that came out today
  15. Papa Bear

    Pennzoil Platinum for Canadians

    At Canadian Tire Nov 19-26 a 5L jug is $22.79 plus $10..00 on-line rebate = $12.79/5L ;)
  16. Papa Bear

    Plumber Question: Shut Off Valve For Toilet

    The valve shaft has a packing gland nut on the body of the valve where the shaft turns in it - you may have to snug it up a bit. Is the water leaking out around the valve shaft? If so, that gland nut needs tightening a bit (not TOO tight)
  17. Papa Bear

    Anyone riding?

    Had the 150 out today for a ~50Km run. Nice day, sunny and high 60s. Not many more like that before winter sets in .....
  18. Papa Bear

    How much is a gallon of gasoline in your area right now?

    $0.979/L Can. right now here in Leamington. $.889/L at Costco in Windsor ON. To get $/Gal US you would have to convert $Can to $US and US Gal to Liters :unsure: