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    Slick Solution For Building a DOD Delete LS
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    Im Being Tasked With Building a Tool Kit For The New Crew

    So the building I have worked in since 2003 has changed hands. The old owner left and it is currently under construction for the new people. All of the old tools and equipment are long gone. As the project is nearing completion, we are starting to build a new crew. The chief asked me to...
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    Bought Harbor Freight's Backpack Sprayer This Past Weekend

    The house we live in was bought from a woman that was basically a hippie so she let weeds run rampant. My wife won't let me use Roundup because of the lawyer commercials so I largely spent my weekends pulling weeds. Last week, I saw my neighbor making "something" and then spraying it on weeds...
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    Honda CR-V Battery Drain

    My stepdaughter bought a brand new CR-V last March. In the 15 months she's owned it, she managed to rack up 40,000 miles. Last Saturday, she calls us and says her car is dead and won't respond to the key fob. I said open the door with the key and make sure the battery is still there. It was...
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    Got A Surprise in the Mail

    Since this Covid 19 thing started, things have certainly quieted down across the board. The grocery stores around here get picked clean and it becomes interesting trying to decide what to make for dinner. The other day, I opened my front door and there was a white styrofoam cooler on my stoop...
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    2019 Ram Battery Issue

    One of my friends bought a new Ram pickup a few months ago. Crew cab, some kinda goofy cowboy motif in the interior. Nice truck though. Anyway, been fine until last weekend. He calls me up and says the battery is dead and it won't start. He had somewhere to go in his wife's car so I dropped...
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    How Long Should it Take to Clear on an 09 Suburban?

    Two weeks ago I put a new set of injectors on my 2009 Suburban to replace the 178,000 mile stockers. Runs GREAT. The next day, driving home from the train station, I noticed the inspection sticker was expired. I took it in and went to work. Al calls me and asked if I cleared any codes...
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    Anyone Use Sizzle Platters?

    One of my friends was the Executive Chef for the company we both worked for. I learned quite a bit from him about cooking and when we took a deal and moved on, he gave me a bunch of stuff from his kitchen including these aluminum sizzle platters. I had seen him use these daily. He would first...
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    Battery Cables!

    In another thread I posted in Vehicle Maintenance, I said I needed a body module in my Suburban. A few guys clued me in to reflowing the solder joints and it worked. My truck is ten years old and I've been upping the maintenance on it because I still use it for family trips and I need it for a...
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    My Son Turned Me On to a New Cooking Show

    My fourteen year old loves it when we cook stuff together. Not just any stuff, he digs it when we go the extra mile and make stuff better. So, yesterday he says come check out this new show on Netflix, The Chef Show. We watched two episodes. Very funny and entertaining. I highly recommend it.
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    My 09 Suburban Needs A Body Control Module

    Great... Huge single point of failure. My brother knows a guy that comes to you and programs them but he doesn't sell them. Any suggestions? Dealer?
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    I Have a Tip For Anyone With An 07-14 Tahoe or Suburban

    My 2009 Suburban had a broken driver side engine mount. The engine wasn't moving excessively but it klunked every time I accelerated from a stop or went over a large bump in the road. I have a road trip coming up so I wanted to fix it. The mounts in these trucks are huge and have a big heat...
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    I Hope This Amuses You Guys Like It Did Me

    Yesterday, my wife was making corned beef and cabbage and a Shepherd's Pie. She was bringing all of this to our oldest son's house and our other kids were all coming over for dinner. She was almost done and about to do the mashed potatoes to cover the shepherd's pie when she realized she did...
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    2019 GMC Terrain

    My mom just got a new Terrain. Literally had it three days and went out to get in and go somewhere and the battery was so dead the doors wouldn't even unlock. She called GM and she got into the car with the emergency key that comes out of the fob but it was not starting or even clicking. GM...
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    Got A Tip For Everyone

    I was recently in Maine and came across a store called When Pigs Fly. They sell all sorts of different breads. We grabbed a loaf of spinach, onion and garlic ciabatta and a regular ciabatta. We also bought a loaf of chocolate bread, not sure exactly what to do with it. We toasted it and put...
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    Which TPMS sensors?

    My wife's 2009 Kia Sorento is ten years old (obviously) and is lighting the TPMS light on the dash. I checked her tire pressures and they're all dead on so I'm pretty confident her TPMS batteries are dead. She got tires last summer and I told her to have Al, our tire guy install new sensors...
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    Anyone Ever Serviced The OCV on a Kia 3.3?

    My wife's 2009 Sorento has a CEL from cam timing. I bought new factory oil control valves for both sides because the code comes and goes and sometimes it's one side and sometimes it's the other. I went to do it yesterday. She asked how long it would take and I said probably between one and...
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    Hot Dog Truck

    Sometimes life throws you a nice little surprise. I moved into a new house ten months ago. A lot quieter and more rural where I live now. A short distance away is a small shopping area with a grocery store, a pizza place, ice cream, liquor and a beer distributor. In the parking lot of the...
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    What Would You Do?

    The other day, after a heavy rain I walk past my Suburban and it had water in the passenger side headlight. I went on Ebay and searched out a replacement light assembly and found what APPEARED to be a GM replacement headlight. I specifically did not want Eagle Eyes because they are trash. I...
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    I Am SO Excited

    I just learned we're getting a Cracker Barrel on Long Island about six minutes from my house.