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    Pronto P04612 cut open

    This filter is from member JT20's Subaru, maybe he will chime in with mileage, oil, and application? Looks really clean inside, can gave my cutter fits for some reason, but side cutters finished the cut. No tears, coil spring inside, no tears (or even carbon) at all. Nitrile ADBV nice and soft...
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    AZ 20% off $120 ship to home only

    May or may not be useful? Code is "DEC20", I picked up a Melling high volume & pickup for the 6.0 (to eventually install, to help with my low oil pressure) for $128, which is less than AAP with code for the pump alone. I know AZ is the overpriced convenience store of auto parts, but occasionally...
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    Rock Auto possibly closing out Bosch Distance Plus oil filters

    Check your Bosch D+ numbers on RA-I just picked up 6 D3334s for the 6.0 Express in my sig for $5 each MINUS an instant 15% rebate (& the usual 5% discount). If you like these, as I do, for their superior road debris resistance.
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    Family Farm & Home Mag1 $1.89/qt. & $8.99/5 qt. jug various weights

    Not sure how long it lasts, but if you have an FFH nearby & like Mag1, it's not a bad deal.
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    WM Super Tech $14.46/5 qt jug Dexos 1 Gen 2

    Not much time left on this one, but if you can't find the AAP RGT giveaway, the WM "Big Sale" has you covered! Until (at least) midnight tonight (10/15).
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    Help me talk him out of it...

    My son wants to get rid of his old XJ (in my sig) & replace it with a 2013 Challenger (not Hemi, 3.6 Pentastar) with 113K. Looking online, electrical problems like the TIPM, junky alternators, and wonky power window switches & smart window modules seem common. I told him he was going from one of...
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    CQ 84060 Puro thread issue

    Puro date code F12L09G1, has the DOUBLE burr trouble, and louvers not really too great either- <img src="" alt="[Linked Image]" class="post-image"...
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    Virgin XG3600 cut open

    For our friend Adam (car 51)-I have fair number of these, so this is my minor contribution. Date code is A23243, was sealed in it's shiny (fairly) new box. Now, everybody stay safe out there! <img...
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    Service Champ OF2222 75% OLM, unknown miles

    This little "gem" of an Ecore was on the Express 6.0 in my sig when I bought it, it had approximately 5000 miles or so, 25% OLM remaining, but the Jiffy Lube used NON-Dexos rated bulk 5W30 QSAD/green bottle, along with this filter. It caught some crud, but ADBV action was failing (noisy startup...
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    PH10060 oversized?

    Anybody ever use an FL-500S size filter in place of a PH10060 (GM 6.0 liter L96 application)? I have four Purolator Synthetic PSL22500 filters that are very similar in size (although slightly longer), have the same threads (M22-1.5), even similar bypass ratings (22 PSI). Wondering if it's worth...
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    There's crazy people in Ohio too!

    <a href="" title="httpswwwcincinnaticomstorynewscrimecrimeandcourts20191220womanchoosesabsoluteworstmomentstealoxfordohiowalmart2716902001"...
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    Ford IDI diesel starters

    Got a bad one on the F-450/Super Duty in my sig, just wondering what people have had luck with? I've read good things about DB Electrical, both on Amazon & eBay, like to hear people's experiences.
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    Ford 3.7 thrown rods?

    Apparently our leased Transit 250 vans have had an issue with throwing rods (not mine), it's happened to 2 engines, both under 50K miles. Has anyone heard of any problems with these? The one in my '18 has always sounded like it has loose rod bearings since day one, I've been tempted to slip in a...
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    Any BITOGer in northern Dallas TX?

    Interested in looking at a truck for me? Or know of a reputable company who can look at one? PM me if you're interested...
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    No more Meijer batteries!!

    Looks like I'll have to start getting my East Penn batteries somewhere else! I hope the ones I have all make it through the warranty period... <img src="/forums/graemlins/spankme2.gif" alt="spank" title="spank" height="37" width="49" />
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    XG3600 7562 mi. approx 10 months

    Off the xB in my sig-there was a chip in the Sure Grip that showed the start of a little rust, so I changed it out earlier than usual. This filter doesn't stick below the oil pan, but it is in the front, protected only by the plastic splash pan.
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    New FPS3976A cut open

    Just got 10 of these from Rock Auto, 3 of them got dented somewhat-this one was the worst with one dent right at the edge of the dome-so it got CUT! As you can see, this filter in an Ultra has no Sure Grip, and no flutes-so be prepared to use a filter gripping wrench (I have a rubber one, a 3/8"...
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    Motorcraft "DY" coolant??

    Anybody know if this yellow coolant is the same as Premium Gold/G-05?
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    Fram TG4967 10,100 miles VNG syn 5W30

    <img src="" class="post-image" alt="" /> Here is the Tough Guard off my brother's '07 Corolla-it was used for roughly 6 months, including some of the colder winter weather we've had around here for a while. Held up well, pleats a little funky by the seam, rest...
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    Cold weather P/S fluid in an older Ford??

    The power steering on the '03 MGM in my sig absolutely HATES below 0F weather, making noise for at least the first 5 miles when started in subzero temps. It was originally spec'ed for Dexron/Mercon in the P/S system-would there be any harm in using full syn Dex VI in it? Anybody tried it??