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  1. Red Crow

    Bristol Dirt

    I haven't followed nascar in years, but I settled in to watch the Bristol dirt race this weekend. Saw the trucks attempt the qualifiers and of course the qualifiers for both cup and trucks were cancelled. I just got to catch the final stage of the cup race and I have to say, I think it's a...
  2. Red Crow

    Can collection

    Snapped these photos a few days ago while cleaning and reorganizing the apartment. That's all of my purple oil collection, and a small portion of my racing oil collection. Enjoy.
  3. Red Crow

    Direction injection fuel dilution solution 🤡

    I doubt youd have any issues with fuel dilution on your fancy turbo/di automobile with this great product from Witco Corporation.
  4. Red Crow

    New oil from Pennzoil 🤡

    Should be good for your stop/starts and hybrids. 😏 Back in the day, GT was popular among the local short trackers. Most of the drag racers I knew used Kendall GT1. Both were great oils.
  5. Red Crow

    Go to's from days gone by...

    The last few days I've been thinking about brands of oil I used to use that are no longer being marketed and sold. In the late nineties and early to late 00s my go to for shop oil was Exxon Superflo when it was on sale at Auto Zone and the red bottle STP oil that dollar general used to sell...
  6. Red Crow

    I miss cans

    I know it isn't a popular opinion, but I miss oil in metal cans. I was never crazy about the composite cans that bridged the gap between metal cans and plastic bottles, but the old painted metal cans were pure art.
  7. Red Crow

    Vintage Outboard Oil

    Any of you guys ever use this back in the day? This can is dated 7/83. It's in really nice condition.
  8. Red Crow

    Its 1955. What oil are you using?

    Imagine it is 1955...think of the automobiles that were available at the time tell me what oil you are using. I think I'm changing oil every six months, and I'm using Union 76 Royal Triton SAE 30 in the warm months and RT SAE 20 in the winter. I'm also probably driving a late forties Chevrolet...
  9. Red Crow

    Post your favorite oil can

    I just thought this would be a fun thread. From the era of oil being sold in metal and composite cans, what was your favorite. I really like these Union 76 Royal Triton cans from the late 50s.
  10. Red Crow

    Any archive for old motor oil formulations?

    Just wondering, does anyone know of an archive of previously used oil formulations? Something that would list % of base oil(ie group II, III, ETC), and the additive package?
  11. Red Crow

    Royal Triton and Long Distance Purple

    Hi fellas. I never used it personally because they're weren't a lot of Union 76 stations around where I lived, but when I traveled in the 70s and eighties, I remember getting gas at 76 stations and they would have Royal Triton, and later Long Distance Purple motor oil. I remember it was...
  12. Red Crow

    Brands You Miss

    Just wondering if any of you miss brands that are no longer around. I miss Union 76 and GM Goodwrench.
  13. Red Crow

    Depreciable difference between Redline 5w30 and 10w30?

    I haven't found any relevant discussion on this topic through the search function, so I decided to just ask. Those of you familiar with Redline high performance ester base synthetic, is there really any depreciable difference between those respective grades. I've seen uoa and voa of the 5w30...
  14. Red Crow

    Racing Oil

    Just curious if any of you race in any faction, and what you use. I don't personally, but my friend has done amateur drag racing, short track racing and road racing for over forty years. I've worked with him on various projects, and through the years he has pretty much stuck to only three...
  15. Red Crow

    Any Others Start Off At A Gas Station?

    Just curious. My first job was was working at a Texaco station as a lube tech in 1976. I remember those old cardboard cans of Havoline very well. I'd leave school with the owners son in a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, stop by the house to change clothes, then work at the station until 7 PM. Just...