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    Scam: Ghana $+2 - US $-2

    Hello BITOGers, just wanted to put it out there to be careful who you talk to on the internet and who you thrust, especially with money. Just got a story from friends of mine, that college girl got chatty with a nice looking guy, supposedly stationed overseas in a war zone, smooth talking, etc...
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    alternative uses for beer?

    Hello BITOGers, couple myths I heard over the years. Please dispel them is they are non-sense. -wipe interior leaves with it -add vitamin B5 to your crazy dry feet with a beer bath -in addition to smoking, give a room a gorilla [c]art "nice" smell after a party -boil it viking style...
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    Saving money in these times

    Hello BITOGers, Couple ideas if not already posted here: your bank and ask for forbearance: -some have just set up a web/internet page where you enter some info and you are done -some, you have to call (be prepared for 1-1.5 hours at least waiting on hold times) -remember, most are...
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    best vehicle for courier job?

    Had a conversation with a friend and he wants to change from trades helper to a courier full-time: -what would make sense for medical/lab courier? (I suggested him a Yaris/Prius/Fusion) -regular courier? (I suggested him a Dodge AVP/Ram Tradesman/Ford Transit)
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    First pet in the house

    HELLO BITOG-ers. Did you do anything special when you got your first furry "kid"? We just adopted a shelter cat and she is still terrorized/really scared. Just makes you wonder how some people treat animals.... Also, i would appreciate any suggestions for good nutrition and stores/source The...
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    Fear of ...

    Hello BITOG-ers, For me is fear of spiders, the big cockroaches, and the centipedes. It is also strange that I seem to developed this in the past 5 years. Funny: Bumble bee jumped at my foot while I was mowing with my electric mower (buzzing noise?). I think I did a nice little funny "dance"...
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    Houses/condos and pets

    Hello BITOG-ers, Since you got your un-word-ly lovable friends into your house, beside food and a pet bed/cage, did you had to do anything special for them? -pet proof the house? -build the ultimate toy/house/exercise thingy? -etc etc etc P.S. my friends got an 8 months old doggy and she...
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    self-driving cars and service?

    Hello BITOGers, Does anybody know, what is the plan for the self-driving cars/vehicles as for service: dealer + severe service or independents allowed? I'm just curious because of the increase in electronics and programming comparing to a regular base car/vehicle would point to not even...
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    Driving while sparking

    Hello BITOGers, I just remember something I saw last week, and forgot it because of traffic and rainy days. I get on a highway, drive for couple minutes, look in front of me and there is an SUV sparking (in medium rain) from front side wheel. Pretty close to the brake rotors already, no tire...
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    Beard care in cold weather?

    Hello BITOGers, For you beard sporting folks, what is your beard care in the frizzy dry cold weather? Thank you
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    your custom grill/oven?

    Hello BITOGers, Have you built/DYI a custom grill/oven/fire ring/fireplace in your backyard/patio? If yes, please post pictures or specs of these marvels and also, what unusual (legal/permitted burn) uses (burning spam mail to produce charcoal/ashes to feed your lawn/garden?)? Thank you...
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    Boiled peanuts?

    Hello BITOGers, I never tried it, but they say it's healthier than commercial oven roasted peanuts. For a first timer, how should I go to prepare at home or what/where to go for a taste (GA)?
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    Your favourite hot weather beverage?

    Hello BITOGers, since weather is stating to cool down and we had a thread about snow in the middle of the summer's heat, let's remember the good times and start with feel good questions. What is your favourite beverage/drink aftre a long hot day or a workout in the sun? P.S. Happy Friday Y'all
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    Running/Walking on the road?

    Hello BITOGers, Quick question: There is any advantage, practice or any other reason for people to run or walk on the road in a neighborhood? There is already a perfectly maintained walkway/path. My problem is mostly people running at night/early morning with absolutely no reflective piece of...
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    Happy B-Day, BCardinal

    To our favourite Ford and Mazda parts tech, May your oil be hot, your tires just warm enough, your hands not sweaty, enough hair to feel the wind and Sunday traffic still sleeping. Cough cough on a street in a land far-far-away. May your wishes come true! Happy Birthday!
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    Is this a problem?

    Hello BITOGers, I have a bulge in my front passenger tire. (first picture) Nokian Entyre, manufactured date 06/2016. Also, small cracks at sidewall to tire blocks area. It became more visible, compared with last week. Is the tire still usable or just replace? <img...
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    Eating for recovery

    Hello BITOGers, First, I'm not talking about recovery after sport/fitness. I have about a month coming of working physically 16-20 hours/day. What would be the ideal diet/meals to get me through? I already try to drink lots of water, try to drink coffee/energy drink only when necessary. Much...
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    '13 Mazda5 oil change?

    Hello BITOGers, I come due on my Mazda5 (3 drives forth-and-back over the Smokies) with 84k miles. Cap says 5W20. Filter will be a MicroGreen MG 201 What say you should I use? P.S.This will be a stealth change (condo), trough the tube with a vacuum pump.
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    My good deed-of-the-day

    Hello BITOGers, I got into small talk with a crossing guard at my kids school, and the guy had an '07 Toyota Yaris, original owner, 160k miles. Since I sold mine last year, I find about 3 filters, in various boxes in storage. So I give it to the guy: -1 X Fram tough, I recommended 5k miles -2...
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    Improving ride quality on a '13 Mazda5?

    Hello BITOGers, I have the 2013 Mazda5, and it just reached 82k miles. Ride seems now kind of wallowing. Current tire Nokian entyre (first generation) which we had for about 1.5 years and 15 k miles. 36 front 34 back. What should I first expect to change as preventive maintenance (It didn't...