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    Menards formulashell 1.99

    Through the 14th
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    Menards filter clearance

    Looks like they are phasing out the quakerstate and bosch premium filters and are going to stock Purolators in the 3 different levels. I think they are going to keep fram as those are normal price. This is locally but usually they do these switchovers at all their stores
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    Penz Plat and Maxlife Syn

    well i was in walmart today to get a prestone radiator flush kit and i went and browsed through the oil section like i normally do. I noticed that the Maxlife Fully Syn was priced a $4.48...not bad considering it seems to be highly favored over Synpower. then i noticed that the PP is still at...
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    Same Oil for every vehicle?

    now i understand that you can't use the same exact oil in every vehicle you have so we will say type as in gasoline cars, gas trucks, diesel cars, diesel trucks whatnot. So is there anyone out there that uses only one kind of oil for their types of vehicles and never deviates to another brand?
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    LT150 John Deere What oil to use?

    Well it is my parents Lawn mower but i use it enough i guess i will have to keep up the maintenance on it. it has the high Oil pressure oil circuit with a spin-on oil filter What Kind of oil would you recommend, like what brand and what weight. and should i go with a John Deere Oil filter or...
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    Recommend me some oil

    Ok so i went with a friend of mine to pick up his 1990 T-bird Supercoupe it has the 3.8 liter V6 thats supercharged. it has 170,000 miles and looks to burn a little oil, a little smoke on startup and if you let it idle for awhile I suggest a high mileage oil like Castrol or Maxlife because it...
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    Best External transmission filter?

    I've had this kit on my Explorer for a while now, and have been using Motorcraft/Purolator, just curious if anyone had an opinion on a specific filter i should maybe use instead. I've been thinking about using a Supertech Ecore next round. What do you think?
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    Oil Smell means common additives?

    Ok so starts back to when i first used Mobil 7500 partial syn 5w30 in my car, i noticed it had a very sweet aroma, not bad for huffing <img border="0" title="" alt="[Wink]" src="images/icons/wink.gif" /> but then the next oil change i used Havoline Fully Synthetic, it had the same oil smell...
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    87 FJ1200 Oil capacity?

    ok so i recently bought this bike and changed the oil right after i got it. nowi had ridden it around for a few days when all of sudden on a long ride it was pushing oil out (unknown where from) and it was going out both sides streaking back onto the exhaust now i'm thinking that i must have...
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    Oil Suggestions for a Yamaha FJ1200

    Just bought a 1987 Yamaha FJ1200 and would like some suggestions on what oil to use. thanks in advance. has about 52,000 miles on it.
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    back to your roots

    ok so my dad used Pennzoil for many many years. used it in my first vehicle........but then switched over to Havoline when i was 16 and somewhat knowledgable about engines (heard it was bad...blah blah blah). i got him to switch over with his newer truck in 2001 to Havoline (never any probs)...
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    5w40 Rotella too thick for OHC?

    I was thinking about running the Rotella 5w40 full syn in my Ford T-bird with the 4.6 liter V8 and was wondering if this 40 weight would be to thick for an OHC. Anyone else running this in a 4.6 or any OHC engine?
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    Engine Oil Bible

    Well a guy at work found this and printed it all off and brought it in for us fellow employees to read. well it thought it was interesting and had a few decent points but man did that guy put a helluva put-down on 20 weight oils. read for yourself. <a...
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    Rotella HD explanation for gas engine

    I have been doing a bit of searching about running a Diesel Engine OIl in my gas engine and couldn't exactly find an answer to any negative effects that additional additives would do to the engine components of gas engine, so i visited the Rotella site (oil i will be running) and emailed them...
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    Custom Blending Technics?

    ok guys what are your secrets for your custom blends of oil. do you stick with same grades when mixing plain dino with synthetic? do you stick with same brands? What kind of ratio's are you mixing? i've been thinking of running a custom mix of my own. I'm planning on using regular Havoline...
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    Is it necessary for Second Auto-RX treatment?

    ok i just got done changing out the first treatment. the oil was as dark as it usually is, well maybe slightly darker. I pulled the oil filter and cut it open and compared it to the previous filter that i took off 1500 miles ago. I couldn't distinguish any differences between them, neither...
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    Auto-RX rinse phase with HD oil?

    I was just wondering if it would be better to run an HD oil that has more detergents in it on the rinse phase to help removed more of the contaminents? Good idea or not?
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    Tire Size Convertor

    Changes Metric size to actual height and width <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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    75-140/145 Synthetic Gear Lube

    Ok i've been meaning to change out the gear lube in my dad's F-150 for some time now, and it Ford Recommends the 75/140 or 145 can't remember which. the only place i can find this is at Walmart which has the Supertech Syn for like 10 bucks a quart or Advanced where it is 14 to 15 bucks a quart...
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    Green Diamond tires

    some good reading material about different tire mold design and compound for all season use. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>