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    Castrol Edge 0W-40, BMW N52

    Approx 1,700 miles on the oil. Virgin KV100 spec for this oil is 13.1. Last o/c a year ago the KV100 was a little concerning at 11.43. This one is a a surprise how little the KV100 degraded. Same oil, about the same mileage. I tried to not short trip as much, often taking the long way home...
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    Castro Edge 0w/40 2013 BMW N52

    Slow getting this out here. This was an very short change interval mileage wise. It was a year from the last change and I've been going on 7,000 miles or a year - whichever comes first. The car does often see short runs (~8 miles) Blackstone thinks I could wait longer. I do my own changes...
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    BMW N52 low annual miles question +

    I have a BMW with the N52 engine (na, port injected). The car only gets about 3,000 - 4,000 miles / yr. I'm changing oil once a year regardless of mileage. I try to not use the car for a 2 mile errand, but do make a few 7 mile one-way trips. It's been suggested that I even shorten my OCI...