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    Oil Change - Hot or Cold

    Hello Everyone, The "Short Changer Post" got me thinking about this subject. Do you change your oil when it is hot or cold? I have always changed mine when the oil is hot and hopefully with all of the contaminants suspended in the oil that I am draining out of the engine. But, I have...
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    Cordless Battery Powered Small Die Grinder

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a small right angle cordless (battery) die grinder to use for light polishing and auto detail work. The only one I have found is the Milwaukee Model 2485-22. Are there any others that I should consider? I will mainly use it for applying polishing compound...
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    Looking For Mazda Rotary Engine Expert

    Hello BITGOERs, I have a chance to purchase a 2010 Mazda RX8 with 27k original miles. It is very clean and was most likely used as a pleasure vehicle. Needless to say I don't have any experience with this engine or drive train. Current owner has treated it well and has told me how he has...
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    Kia, Hyundai, Mazda - Used Car Candidates

    Hello Everyone, Looking for some advice for replacement vehicle for my son. Looking at used models from the three brands above. I have since ruled out most Nissan's due to past and recent CVT reliability issues, Honda questionable quality in last 5 years and major component sharing with...
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    Changes With Super Tech And Fram At Walmart

    Hello Everyone, Wally World seems to making changes with in-store oil filter inventory. This past weekend I needed a filter for my 1.4 Ecotec Turbo engine. I noticed a change in the box graphics of the Super Tech brand. The filter itself also has some changes with construction similar to...
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    Love Bug Clear Coat Etching

    Hello Everyone, My 2013 Dodge Dart lived part of it's previously life in Florida. Apparently the black bumper (cannot tell if it is painted or color molded) was subjected to many impacts of Love Bug juice. The clear coat or top coating seems to be etched. In bright sunlight it looks as if...
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    Chemical Guys Hydroslick

    Hello Everyone, I have been watching some You Tube videos about this product. I am not sure how long it has been out, but I did a search of BITOG and cannot find any reviews of opinion of use information. Have any of you tried it, and what do you think? I think retail is $39.99 a bottle...
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    Cleaning Painted Alloy Wheels

    Hello Everyone, I have three cars with painted alloy wheels. I always wash them last during the wash process and use a "Gerbil Brush" on them to clean the majority of the road dirt and brake dust, using the same suds left over from the initial car wash. Yes, I clean the bucket and the...
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    Dodge Dart Cloth Seats Cleaning

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2013 Dodge Dart with factory cloth seats. The material is a darker color and seems to have very small indentations in the surface of the fabric. I have tried cleaning them with a handheld upholstery attachment with a Rug Doctor steamer, as well as used a couple of...
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    Source For Microfiber Towels

    Hey Gang, I realize that there are many variations, and levels of quality of microfiber towels in the market. I am curious about what companies, as well as products that you would recommend. A few years ago I bought several blue MF towels at Walmart, but they no longer carry the same quality...
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    Chrysler Powertech 6 Speed Flush

    Hello, I have 2013 Dodge Dart with the 2.0 litre engine and 6 speed Powertech automatic. My understanding is that this transmission has no serviceable filter and the recommended service method is to complete a flush and refill at 60k. Since I bought the car used, I am not sure if this was...
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    Eagle One Surface Prep Mit

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for your opinions, and or recommendations with these surface prep mitt type products. I have never personally never used a clay bar on any of the cars I have detailed, but I starting to hear that using one of these types of products instead of clay are the way to...
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    Black Plastic Trim Restorer

    Hello Everyone, I have a 2003 Dodge Durango (last year of the original style model) that has black door handles, mirrors, luggage rack and other miscellaneous trim. The black color had faded to dull gray in many places especially under the wiper reveal valance panel in front of the...
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    F11 Top Coat

    Hello Everyone, Please reply with any reviews or experience with the F11 Topcoat products. Their quick spray product has rave reviews but seems a little pricey by comparison. I am looking for your thoughts and suggestions as well before I go make an investment in this solution. Thanks