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    Visc. @ 100°C after shearing: 10W30 HM vs 0W40

    The general consensus over the years has been that oils with wider cold/hot viscosity spreads (e.g. 0W40) typically show a higher % of shear than oils with a narrower viscosity spread (e.g. 10W30). Let's compare M1 0W40 and M1 10W30 HM. Both start with a similar hot viscosity rating, with the...
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    How about creating "Technical" sub-forums here?

    I think it would be great if we had "Technical" sub-forums here, where topics and discussions would follow a higher standard than the general forums. Browsing the forums here usually leaves me with a feeling of deja vu. As I scroll through the posts, I ask myself, "haven't these topics been...
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    Automatic transmission longevity: fluids & OCI

    The service life of automatic transmissions can vary due to several factors. The factors that seem the most significant include operating conditions, factory defects, and maintenance histories. Some vehicles can run over 200,000 miles with the original transmission and zero maintenance, while...
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    How well does your engine handle low oil levels?

    When it comes to vehicle maintenance many of us here are nuttier than the average Joe. Keeping engine oil constantly topped up to the full mark is one of those common obsessions. The importance of this maintenance item of course varies with different vehicles, engines and usage. Let us know...
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    How should we use/interpret UOA's?

    From the time I started following threads on BITOG years ago, before even becoming a member here, I always thought UOA's were supposed to be used as a very basic tool: To identify current engine problems, or problems that are starting to form, and to give us a general ballpark idea of when we...
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    How shear-stable is M1 0W40?

    Hoping to hear from those who have experience with M1 0W40 and follow the "normal driving conditions" interval in their owner's manual -- <span style="font-weight: bold">or</span> -- extend out to 10,000+ miles. <span style="text-decoration: underline">A few questions regarding the...
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    200K Mile Automatic Transmission Club

    Has your original automatic transmission gotten to 200,000+ miles without a rebuild, on all original components? Tell us about it: - year / make / model - number of miles driven so far - fluid / filter change interval - ATF used - any other details you'd like to share
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    time needed to clear out cats after running rich

    Since I'll be going in for a smog check soon, I got to thinking... My car had been running rich all summer due to a bad A/C pressure sensor. I had noticed heavier soot deposits on my chrome exhaust tips during that time. I pulled the codes and replaced the sensor about 5,000 miles ago. I'm...
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    timing chain service life

    I've noticed a lot of newer cars have reverted from timing belts back to chains. The automakers are claiming, from what I've seen, that these are "lifetime" timing chains. I'm wondering if this means: 1) "after 200K miles nobody's going to care anyway" - - or - - 2) "if the rest of the...
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    engine quietness in relation to outside air temp.

    <span style="text-decoration: underline"><span style="font-weight: bold">car</span>: '06 Hyundai Sonata, 3.3L V6 engine (chain-driven), 85K miles, always properly tuned</span> <span style="font-weight: bold">Warmer outside air temp (above 70ºF)</span>... * engine runs <span style="font-style...
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    ATF: Maxlife, Royal Purple, or Redline D4?

    Gonna be doing a 2X drain/fill soon on my 2006 Sonata (V6, 5AT). I've been doing 2X drain/fills using the factory SP-III stuff every 25K miles. The car is approaching 75K miles. I've noticed the SP-III seems to be pretty well spent by 25K miles, so I'll be using a full synthetic this time...
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    Avg. Outside Air Temp / Oil Color

    Question: Will a substantial drop in average outside air temps. cause motor oil to turn dark more quickly? I'm at about 2,800 miles on my current oil (changed mid-November) and I've noticed it's turned dark-brown already. I know this isn't a problem at all, it just has me curious since my...
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    '06 Sonata 3.3L Valvoline SynPower 10W30 4600mi

    - driving mix is 40/60 city/hwy, 350-400 miles driven weekly on avg. - drained right after 20 mile drive - collected sample 1/2 way through drain - 6qt sump, OEM oil filter, OEM-style air filter - gentle driving during warm-up, spirited driving when warm (usually sees 5-6000 RPM a few times...