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    has pennz 5w40 been reformulated?

    has pennz 5W40 been reformulated? i've seen a new bottle of 5W40 on amazon. i have used this oil for several years in my 2010 X5M 78k. excellent oil tests by black stone. nil nil oil consumption. just received a six pack from amazon date code 6 jan 18 on bottles.
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    from bmw syn 5w30 to penn ultra 5w40 results

    changed brand and sae in my 2010 X5M @44500mi .immediately noted during first drive, engine seemed to run smoother but what can be seen is 15-20 degrees lower oil temps.
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    bmw r1150rt uoa BMW SUPER 20W50

    miles on bike 14,400 miles on oil 6,500 make up 1qt. >>>> al 2 chrom 0 iron 10 copper 5 lead 5 tin 2 moly 46 nic 2 mang 0 silv 0 tit 0 pot 1 boron 2 silcon 3 cal 2019 phos 1321 zinc 1674 bar 0 cst. @100c 17.7...
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    2010 X5M 4.4V8 enging oil requirement

    in lookin over my new owner guide book. you must use BMW hi performance 5w30 as it is factory-fill. approved top off 'only' oils are> castrol europinean gc 0W30 mobile 1 0W40 val supersyn 5W30 <img src="/forums/graemlins/19.gif" alt="drive" title="drive" height="30" width="40" /> penz europ...
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    BMW syn fact fill results @ 10,750 '08 BMW X5

    here's the report i failed to post earlier. some have said flash pt. was excellent and tan was very good for mileage on oil. thought about using GC but this oil proves to be very stout. *no make up oil;computer level show'd 100% full * only chevron prem used <img...
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    bmw 5w30 factory fill '08 X5 10,750mi

    blackstone results 10/23/2008 al 33 chr 1 iron 33 cu 25 lead 3 tin 5 mol 5 nic 1 mang 48 pot 8 bor 3 silic 8 sod 16 cal 1190 mag 985 ph 758 zn 973 100c 11.73 flas 450 fu .5 tbn 3.2 no add oil([email protected]%,none used) no additives chev gas
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    2008 X5 first oil change

    got an e mail from blackstone w/results 2008 X5 3.0 ; 10700mi on oil; factory fill replaced w/bmw 5w30 7qt. all other results zero al 33 chrom 1 iron 33 copp 25 lead 3 tin 5 moly 5 nic 1 mang 48 pot 8 bor 3 silc 8 sod 16 cal 1190 magn 985 ph 758 zn...
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    gm oil news from appex/sema

    according to a 'mobil 1' source at their appex booth,GM is serious about spec'ng 0w-20 or 0w-30 as the future oil weight for GM vehicles.GM is by passing 5w-20. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />
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    was size'ng up and test drove an '08 550,asked for the owners/service manual.BWM recommends using BMW high performance 5w30..if not avail.,yu can use Mobil 1 5w30 or 5w40..riverside ca. dealer was asking $9.49 for their BWM 5w30. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/approved.gif" alt="" />
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    suzuki oil by sopus

    i checked out all the suzuki oil at chaparral motosport and the back of all weights and grades said made for suzuki, by "sopus". SHELL
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    who makes suzuki motorcycle oil

    i visited a suzuki dearlership and saw new suzuki branded oil.anyone knoow anything about this oil?
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    mercedes mb 229.5 new?? 0w30 cg

    had a chance meeting with a castrol , and cg 0w30 came up.the rep told me that there is a new mb 229.5 spec...and that he can supply the spec oil,in bulk ie,55 gal drums to fast lube and merc dealers. it is cg' my small supply og cg but the lable only states mb 229.1 and...
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    castrol 0w30- (cg) new formula made in usa

    some news from the sema show. had the opportunity to chat with mr frekin,castrol marketing wizz in their booth with john force,who had his fans lined up long.he was great with his fans!.mr frekin was well aware of cg's interest. castrol is 'reviewing' NOW future plans on/if to start manufacture...
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    power engine flush

    has anyone had an experience with the 'bilstein' power engine flush? it costs about $ 95 with filter and oil.i've seen them done.impressive to see what the filter collects. bob '00 pont. gtp 112k