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    Mobil 1 5W/30 EPHM 5142 Miles, 2002 Ford Ranger 3.0 Vulcan

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    Patio Doors - oh man...

    Ok I need 4 patio doors ... (these are 72x80 rough openings) I think I want sliders I think I want blinds in the glass I want low/no threshold (ADA compliant) I want to be able to install keyed hardware so they can be used for to enter / exit the home from the rear. I want the screens on the...
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    Alpine R Series or Focal Universal Integration Series (5x7 - 6x8)

    Opinions? Music is pretty much anything, might be Audiobooks one second and classic rock the next then onto country.... I would have to be in a special mood to listen to Techno or Rap though... I am not looking for studio performance but i would like reasonably accurate sound reproduction in...
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    [Cut Open] Super Tech MP2 (Virgin)

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    Replacing FORD Battery cable clamps 2002 Ranger OE Style

    Anyone had any success locating OE style terminal clamps for these? Please don't say just get a military/marine/box store bolt on clamp, I know those are options but I want this to look OE. I've already shadetreed it together for the time being, but I want to fix it correctly. The cable...
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    WiFi 6 Mesh Systems Linksys (Cisco) vs ORBI (Netgear) and 2 node vs 3 node (boy have I got Questions)

    The Home: A early 70's partial brick basement ranch on concrete block. Approximately 3200 total SQF. It has a deck/porch across the back as well. If does have some Aluminum Foil insulation (I'm not kidding) and some of it will be replaced, but perhaps not all. The NEEDs: I need strong WiFi...
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    Attached photos intermittently load 1/8 - 1/4.

    Anyone else seeing attached photos only partially load? Sometimes if i come back later the photo will load fully, sometimes not...
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    image test two: only reply if phots work or not here

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    Image test one: only reply if images work or not

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    [Cut Open] Volkswagen 04E 115 561 H (9,659 Miles)

    ISO Code 24/23/16 UOA:
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    2021 Pan America 1250 I'll give them credit for this being more interesting than originally anticipated. They are still bad at "Live" reveals though... Curious the bikes in the video have laced wheels and the ones on the webpage have mags, so i'm guessing the...
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    Replace or Run

    Appears to be FOD, from what i'm unsure... No leaks Cosmetic or structural, replace or run and if replace how urgent? @CapriRacer :)
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    2021 Ford Raptor

  14. DuckRyder

    A KTM Free Ride through the Enduro Park (MUDDY)

    Again, its more a bout the ride than the bike, but the thing seems pretty capable. Maybe a "Sorry for throwing your bike down the track man" was in order a time or two 😃
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    A Zero DSR through the Nature Preserve

    Kinda wondered where to put this, i'll put it here because its more about the ride than the Bike, though its interesting to hear (or not hear) the bike.
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    The Harley-Davidson 2021 "Live" Virtual Product Launch

    There was no huge news. Basically what is referred to in sport bike world as BNG (Bold New Graphics) Harley's twist is a splash of chrome. Disappointing presentation, seemed mostly (if not all) prerecorded... A You Tuber said it was not really a product launch but a website launch which...
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    The ignore feature.

    So the ignore here seems to be set on "stun" if a user is ignored you still see their likes and if they are quoted. I visit another site on the same software where they are GONE... it is as if they do not exist. no likes, no quotes - gone... in fact if they post a new thread the WHOLE THREAD is...