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    New Car Shortage?

    Passed my local Buick/GMC Dealer today. Very few cars on his lot. Why? Only answer I get from sales person is that they sell a lot of cars. I know he is not truthful (puffing). Ford dealer across the street Also low on cars Is it something to do with parts or chip shortage? Kia and...
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    Peak Full Synthetic 5W-30

    Just purchased on sale, six quarts of Peak Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Dexos1, Gen2. (API SN-RC SN ILSAC GF5, dexos1 Gen2.) $4.25 a quart. Any good? BTW; what does the RC mean in the "SN-RC"?
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    Mercedes Mobil-1 "M" Oil

    Was visiting a Mercedes dealer yesterday (thinking about buying a 2012 or 2013 E350 Convertable [Cabriolet]) and saw that their parts department has quart bottles of Mobil-1 M for sale. Can't remember the oil weights but the "M" stood out. Is this oil any different from the M-1 you can buy...
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    Michelin (Energy and/or Primacy) MXV4

    Thinking of buying a set of Michelin MXV4 tires. I now notice that the MXV4 sometimes says Energy and sometimes Primacy, although not in the same tire size. What is the difference?
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    Testing for Alcohol

    Purchased a small kit ($7.99) at my local Sea Plane base in Tavares Florida. Just a glass tube with various lines molded in the tube. Add water to the water line. Add gasoline to the gasoline line. Shake and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then read the line where the water now sits. These lines...
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    Red Mopar Coolant

    A few years ago, when I owned an 05 Chrysler Sebring Convertable, I purchased a gallon of Mopar coolant. Never opened it. Sold the convert long time ago, but still have the gallon of coolant. (this is NOT the premixed stuff). A few days ago, I decided I was going to change the coolant in my...
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    The M1 Sale at K-Mart

    Just returned from a little vacation, driving out to Roswell NM, Phoenix AZ, San Diego CA, Albuquerque NM, back to Roswell NM, then back home to Central Florida. While on vacation, I read somewhere on this forum that K-Mart had M1 on sale for $5.00 a quart. Well I returned a few days ago, and...
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    Advance Auto Did Right By Me.

    The Autocraft Titanium Battery in my wifes 02 Continental gave up the ghost. Decided to get a new one. Looked all over for the recept when I purchased it back in October, 2007 at Advance Auto. Could not find it, but went to AA anyway. Well they had me in their computer and saw that the battery...
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    PP vs PU

    I know that PP switched from Group-IV to Group-III a few years ago. Just wondering about P-Ultra. Is it IV or III?
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    What is "100-LL" Fuel?

    The town next to mine, Tavares Florida has redone their lakefront, and developed a SeaPlane landing area and docking area. Went there yesterday, and the whole area is beautiful. Just a few boats tied up plus a Seaplane also tied up. Walked out on the docks and saw they have two gas pumps. One...
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    Power Steering Flushed - GREAT

    Had my sister and brother-in-law visiting me in Florida. Their 2005 Ford Freestyle was making a strang noise whenever he made a turn. They at first thought it was the transmission, however I told him to turn the steering wheel while standing still, and it made the noise. Looked under the hood...
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    Switched from M1 0W-40 to QS-HP 5W-30

    Last September, I installed M1 0W-40 to my Genesis. When first installed, there just was something I did not like, that I could not put my finger on. As the weather cooled here in Florida, (never cold, just cooler) I noticed that when I started the cold car in the garage, I could hear "tick...
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    Purchased Discounted Castrol Edge

    In reading past posts, I still have not figured out if Castrol Edge is any better than other Castrols (GC) or other brands. Has anyone figured out yet if it is a Group IV or Group III? I found some on sale at $4.99 a quart (regular $6.99) so I could not help myself and purchased 7 quarts. I...
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    Do HID Headlights Last Longer?

    I'm starting to use my headlights in the daytime when I run two lane roads. Want to know if my stock HID headlights wear out quicker than regular headlights. FWIW, I promised my wife I would keep them on when on two lane roads, as I've lost two friends, in two accidents within the last two...
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    MKS & MKZ - Different Transmissions (and fluids??)

    Took my Continental to my local L-M Dealer today for an oil change. (Coupon) While there, I checked out the 2010 Lincoln MKS and MKZ. Basicly the same engine (MKS 3.7, MKZ 3.5) so because I used to own a 2007 MKZ, and hated the AWF21 transmission, I decided to check the plate on the B Piller to...
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    No M1 0W-40 at Walmart???

    Every time I go to my local Walmart, I always check for the M1 0W-40. Have not seen any for many months. I still have some that I bought a year ago, but have not seen any lately. Does M1 still make it? Does Walmart carry it in any of their stores?
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    Lubro Moly (Made in Germany)

    Don't know if this have been covered before, so here goes: Stopped in at my local NAPA store, and saw they had a Full Synthetic oil called "Lubro Moly" in both 5 liter and 1 liter bottles. Various weights. I saw that the bottles said "Made In Germany". Went to their website, <a...
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    Old GC Green

    Three years ago, I found a few quarts of old GC Green, made in 2002, sitting on a shelf in a local Auto Parts Store. At that time, I offered the manager to "take it off his hands" for $3.00 a quart, but he wanted over $6.50 so I said, "Thanks, but no thanks". Well today, I had to stop off at...
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    This may have been covered before. My local WalMart is selling the Mobil-1 "Turbo Diesel Truck" oil, 5w-40, Four Quart size, for $11.00 even. (This stuff is ok for cars).
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    Quaker State Synthetic at Auto Zone

    My local Auto Zone has Quaker State Full Synthetic (Group III??) on sale. Five Quarts plus a Bosch filter for something like $25.99 (can't remember the exact price). Their price for individual quarts is $5.99. My question; Is Quaker State and Pennsoil the same company and if so, is Quaker...