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    how to clean old military uniforms

    My dad gave me a few items today that are pretty special to me and I'd like to preserve them to pass down to future generations. He gave me his 1965 SAAU champion boxing jacket, his Vietnam era Marine Corps dress blues, and my grandfathers WW2 era Army uniform. They have been sitting untouched...
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    scored a sweet deal on a generator

    Was at my cousins house helping him clean out his shed, as hes preparing to sell his house. He's getting rid of pretty much everything. He had a Pro8000 Briggs generator in the corner, looked brand new. He asked if I wanted it, he said the oil is full of gas and the carb needs work. It's a twin...
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    ratchet straps

    This may sound silly to some. A friend of mine and I were loading a 4 wheeler on a trailer recently, binding it down with ratchet straps. For some odd reason, we got on the subject of the correct way to thread the strap through the ratchet. I've always done it as shown in the video below, while...
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    Honda GX390

    Honda GX390 13 hp air cooled, Blackmax Generator 8kw , my dad bought it new for Hurricane Katrina, so its knocking on 15 years old but it has never given him a lick of trouble and doesnt have many hours ( thankfully, low hours means not much hurricane activity). I've maintained it for him using...
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    spin on fuel filter

    I finally have my 15 hp Johnson running great, along with the bearings replaced in the foot. Although it sounds like overkill, I want to put a spin on Racor filter/housing, along with a valve to shut off fuel flow to run the carburetors dry every time I come in from a fishing trip, great thing...
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    1982 Honda 185S 3 wheeler

    For a friend of mine, needed some work so we made a deal that if I fixed it I could use it whenever I want and I've been using it alot, runs great after a new carb and intake boot. I've been using 10W40 wet clutch oil, which I think is Honda spec, I don't run it hard, mostly on trails, but I do...
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    15 HP Johnson Outboard

    Came out ahead on the 20 Mariner with low compression, sold it for $300 and picked up a 1976 15 Johnson from an old man who hadnt used it in 2 years for $200. Took it to one of my friends who is pretty good with outboards who said the carrier bearing behind the prop needs to changed, and I'll...
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    20 hp Mariner low compression

    I was given a 20 hp Mariner today, 1998 year model. I was told it has low compression and that was confirmed by pulling on the rope, barely any resistance. Where should I start first? Bad piston/pistons? Head gasket?
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    2007.5 Dodge 3500

    Friend of mine has a seafood business, his father in law recently gave him his old hot shot truck, which my friend as of last week had a custom built aluminum cooler built for it and he'll use it to haul seafood all over the Gulf Coast. Being laid off last week, he asked if I wanted to work for...
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    2014 6.7 Powerstroke oil

    Cousins truck, SRW F350 Longbed 4x4. He bought it used with 97k and as of today when I changed the oil it had 106k. He just started a new business and he and his wife are expecting a child so Im trying to help him by getting him decently priced quality oil and filter. Last oil change was...
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    redline 75W140

    It's time to change the oil in the rear end of my 2012 F-150 work truck that I recently bought. Its currently sitting at 156, 530 miles and I'm not sure if the previous owner ever changed it. its a 2wd with the 3.7 V6. I,m trying to figure out if its limited slip or not, giving the local dealer...
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    Best place to buy Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W30 and Rotella Multi Vehicle 5W30

    I'll try out both oils in my friends 2.4 DI Equinox. Where would be the best place/most readily accessible to buy either?
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    2015 Equinox

    Friends vehicle with the 2.4 Ecotec, been servicing it since new when the OLM hits 40% with a Dexos 5W30 and a Fram Ultra filter. I just changed the oil yesterday with Rotella Gas Truck 5W30, its at 54k miles and the warranty will be done in May. Should I continue with the Rotella 5W30, or step...
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    Fluid Film or RP 342

    I was given an old, but very heavy duty A frame made out of drill pipe that was used and is currently being used for a swing. Its so heavy that I needed a tractor with a bucket to move it. I had it sandblasted and painted, and the swing I had sanded down, touched up and repainted. I plan on...
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    2014 pathfinder

    Friend of mines car, 60k miles with the 3.5 V6. I have 4 quarts Pennzoil Platinum 5W30 thats pretty old, SM spec, that I dont have use for. Would it be ok to mix these 4 quarts with a quart of SN Pennzoil Platinum? I told her just to buy a quart and a filter and I'd change it for her. Jug of SM...
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    F250 airbox

    Sold my 7.3 F250 to a friend, airbox tabs recently broke off. Its a first gen Super Duty, early 99 made just in 1998 with the airbox lid that says INTERCOOLED on it. If anyone has the airbox assembly or even the whole airbox assembly for a late 99-03 truck, which will work, please let me know id...
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    Will moving steering via wheel hubs cause harm?

    Changed the pads rotors and calipers front and back on my work truck that I just bought recently, 2012 F150 2wd with 154k. One of my friends helped me to make the process go faster. He was doing the driver side front, and had the rotor, caliper and pads on. The whole assembly was turned to the...
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    .308 Win or .25-06

    I mostly deer and hog hunt, more hog than anything. Eventually I'd like to go after bigger game, such as moose and black bear. As of now I have a Ruger .25-06 with a nice Trijicon scope, left handed bolt action, as I shoot left handed but I realized that for any future rifle purchases I'd be...
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    parking brake use

    Ive decided to start using my parking brake more often when parking my truck. Ive read that its beneficial to the parking pawl in the tranny. When using it in the past, Ive always put it in park and then applied the brake. To my understanding the correct way to apply the parking brake is to...
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    20 wt and 30 wt oils

    What are my option regarding thick 20 wt and thin 30 wt oils for the 3.7 Duratec V6 in my F150? Also, so I dont have to make a separate post in the oil filter section, would the OEM Motorcraft FL500S be the best filter to use? Didnt it have tearing issues? What is the bypass psi on the FL500S...