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    Will BMW ever bring back European delivery?

    I’ve been leasing Renault’s for years. Yes, brand new car My name, my USA address. All insurance included. No VAT taxes. After my lease, I sign car back to them and they then sell it as a used car. I’ve done it six times. Never a problem. I always said that I would not want to drive my own...
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    Tell us about your auto loan...

    When we say “Cash”, we don’t mean CASH. We mean Check or certified check, from your checking account.
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    Tell us about your auto loan...

    Cash. That being said, sometimes dealers want to jack up price if you don’t finance with dealer. I usually tell them to go pound salt, and find a dealer elsewhere.
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    Home charging 110 vs 240 - Efficiency?

    Why do we in this country use 110/120 volt 60 cycle (hertz) and all Europe uses 220/240 volt 50 cycle (hertz) power? I don’t know. Just asking.
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    Subaru A/C Condenser

    Some 2015 and all 2016 and later cars come with R1234yf (vice the earlier R134a). When I first started using R1234yf cars, I was skeptical that it would cool as well as R134a or R12. It cools GREAT.
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    Went from Android to iOS

    I had been having problems with people phoning me but my phone not ringing. Then if they phoned back within three minutes, my phone would ring. Found the fix by accident. I have an iPhone SE (second generation). My phone is now set as follows. Go to “Do Not Disturb” and switch off. Down...
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    Another dealer story $$

    I also quit COLD TURKEY many years ago. Got up one morning and said to myself, “I don’t smoke while I’m sleeping, so, so I have an eight hour head start”. People need a good reason to quit, and your health is NOT A GOOD REASON. (I’m not going to get sick, it’s the other guy who will get sick)...
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    Another dealer story $$

    I’ve had nothing but GOOD on my two Sonatas and my Cadenza. Presently looking for an additional Cadenza.
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    Dumb question about Russian aircraft carrier

    Before Covid, I traveled to France often. I know many people who have large space heaters that heat the whole house. They use what they call MAZUT. It is a heavy oil similar to what we would call Heating Oil. Very slightly more viscous than heating oil here in the USA. Don’t know if Russian...
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    Windshield damage. Can this be repaired?

    Had that on two different cars. Go the do it yourself Prestone at Advance Auto. $15. Fixed one so you can’t even see it. Fixed other car, not perfect, but you can only see it if you know where to look. Warning. Follow instructions EXACTLY, even if it sounds wrong. If chip is in center of...
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    How to Get the Most Fuel Economy

    I love you guys with three ton vehicle worrying about fuel economy. Get rid of the SUV or Pickup, and get a smaller car. Regular in my area now $2.899 cheap. Possible $4.00 by mid summer.
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    3rd stimulis payment

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    Unusual Sighting-Skoda

    If you ever watch the “Tour de France” you will see lots of them as support vehicles. I watch the Tour de France not for the bicycle racing, but for the beautiful support European cars and motorcycles. (Also for the beautiful French countryside).
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    New Car Shortage?

    Passed my local Buick/GMC Dealer today. Very few cars on his lot. Why? Only answer I get from sales person is that they sell a lot of cars. I know he is not truthful (puffing). Ford dealer across the street Also low on cars Is it something to do with parts or chip shortage? Kia and...
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    Your Father's Sayings

    Mom used to say; There’s no fool, Like an old fool. My boss used to say: Don’t get your meat, Where you get your bread and butter.
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    Brands You Miss

    Set to 🎶, Robert Hall this season, Will show you the reason, Low Overhead, Low Overhead.
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    You could of had a V-8

    1983 Buick 5 Liter V8. 140 HP.
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    As jhs914 stated, USPS Tracking App is WORTHLESS. All the below from Central Florida. I sent a Money Order to SiriusXM in Philadelphia. Sent Certified so I could track it. Showed it left my local location but then said “in transit”. For two weeks it said that. Finally showed up as delivered...
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    STP Ceramic oil treatment

    Slick 50 all over again.