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    What to use to clean suede seats

    70% isopropyl alcohol and a clean microfiber towel. Do not saturate. Dab the area and let dry. Works great on my wifes silver alcantara seats in her S5.
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    No one ever said boats are cheap

    Boats are expensive in every way. My current boat is 30’ with 2 inboard/out board Volvo Pentas. Double the fun, but double the maintenance and 1.5 times the fuel
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    Rotella T6 0w40 - Advance Auto - $5.95 per 4 Quart Jug

    The research I have done online indicates the 0W40 is NOT okay to use in wet clutches like the 5W40 . It contains friction modifiers that are not compatible with wet clutch systems.
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    Met the absolute biggest jerk I have ever encountered tonight.

    You were a lot calmer than i would have been once he threw out the D word. He might have been picking up his teeth in the parking lot. Good on you for staying cool and being the better person.
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    Best oil for Audi 4.0 twin turbo

    I have a 2014 Audi S8 with the 4.0 TT. I have been using Mobil One Euro 0w40 and oil changes every 5k. So far, so good!
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    Walked into someone's garage and was greeted with this beastly monster.

    I really like the look of the C8, and that color combo in particular. What a present that will be! I still prefer my 65 big block to any modern Vette.
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    Tell me about rattle snakes

    We encountered rattlesnakes on our hikes in the CA desert several times. They are fascinating, beneficial creatures. I looked forward to seeing them and was disappointed if we didn't. I have respect for them but are not afraid of them as they are very predictable. They will detect you long...
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    UOA: Mercruiser Bravo 3 outdrive oil

    It's a known fact that long, sustained high speed runs are especially hard on B3 outdrive gear lube. If most of the hours are that type of operation, then that might explain the oxidation. Many people install a Shimonek shower on their B3s to help cool them. Simple and effective. Check the...
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    Nail in tire, what would you do?

    Not even the local Mexican tire shops around here would consider repairing that. <span style="font-style: italic">"No beuno senior" </span>my buddy Hector would say.
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    Wood Fence Protection

    TWP is my go-to for my boat dock. works great and lasts longer
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    Oil color after 100 miles 05 Passat TDI

    Yes, that is normal. I had a 2012 Jetta Sportwagen TDi that would turn fresh oil black on a trip around the block. And is was serviced at 7k intervals with Mobil One ESP since new.
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    Interesting article on Merlin engine

    Very interesting read. Saw a Merlin engine out of a shot down Spitfire on display at Barrett Jackson 2 years ago. It still had cannon damage to the head and broken props. It was fascinating to look at and I even got to touch it, which was surreal.
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    Bar’s RMS Repair HD formula (stop leak) success story

    Thanks for the review. Hopefully the leak does not return!
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    Went used car shopping today. So interesting

    I just completed a multi-month search for a Escalade ESV (Suburban) for my wife to drive this winter. Was looking for the 2007-2014 generation which I think are the best they made, 6.2 AWD and looking for the 07-09 in particular without AFM and the associated problems. Was not looking for a...
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    Stolen Battery-New one on Me

    I recently noticed the little caps on all my valve stems were suddenly missing. I can't believe they were stolen but there is no other explanation. Unreal!
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    Xcel Class Action Suit

    "Protects Like No Other" lol. Like nothing at all...
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    Road Rage, Then vs Now

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by 1978elcamino</div><div class="ubbcode-body">A good technique to back off people from tailgating is to run your windshield washers for about 20 seconds. The mist goes right on the person behind you and their focus comes...
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    Overthinking something simple

    Fram has always been a great go-to filter
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    Car Dealer Closed

    Hopefully its a case of consolidation. We had a local Ford dealer here close up shop one day out of the blue. Turns out the owner was a crook and had been skimming money off the place and cooking the books. What really sucked is that they were not paying off the notes on the trades they were...