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    Driveability Issues after using Techron

    Techron is a fuel injector cleaner for fuel injected stuff. No way would I put it in a carbureted vehicle. I am guessing it ate the accelerator pump.
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    This plane flew over and was very low.

    Naw. Nothing here any more. They closed George afb 30 yrs ago.
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    This plane flew over and was very low.

    At one point it was much closer. We could see a big "1" on the tail.
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    This plane flew over and was very low.

    Dunno what it is or why it was so low but it flew over us 2x this morning. I caught it on flight radar.
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    How much is Diesel today?

    Had to run to Home Depo this morning. Figured I had better put some fuel in my truck so don't run out. Cash price too. Ouch!
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    Better to buy knuckle assembly instead of ball joints 2002 F350?

    Save a bunch of money and do it yourself. I did my Jeep and the FJ ball joints with the $70 ball joint press from Harbor Freight.
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    Shop installed wrong filter on 1998 Mustang GT

    Are the threads,gasket and bypass the same?
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    timing chain 07 gmc sierra 1500

    I have never seen one wear out in that engine family. The roller cams are much easier on chains than the old flat tappet were
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    Do comparable filters have the same specks?

    Say a wix filter shows 20 micron on the wix site. Would a Fram,Baldwin,Purolator etc also be a 20 micron filter?
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    Need a good synthetic , regular, or blend 2 stroke oil

    5:1? Too much oil will clog it up to. Move up to 32:1 at least.
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    Porsche Cayenne -Blower motor ?

    Test the wires to it for power and ground instead of shotgunning parts at it. Does it use a blower resister? Wire fall off the back of the switch?
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    GWC auto warranty is a scam ?

    One time we had a customer bring in his car and he had one of those warranties. The warranty company sent use used parts. Even a used receiver drier with no caps on the ports.
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    GWC auto warranty is a scam ?

    Very common. They will give you the $10 part only
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    Why hasn't R1234YF dropped in price much in the last few years?

    Different adapters 134 ones won't fit
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    Are Exide Batteries any good?

    No longer made.
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    Are Exide Batteries any good?

    Was it an Orbital? Is so those were great. Made for Exide in Spain. Not actually made by exide. Mine also took tons of abuse. But it died with zero warning too.
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    Should I grease brand new upper control arm ?

    Ya grease it. I always go back in a few weeks and grease it again.
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    Are Exide Batteries any good?

    Every exide battery I have had leaked at the posts and corroded the cable ends terribly. Also exide got in hot water for purposely contaminating the ground at their plant. I am not a tree hugger but this is blatant dumping of dangerous chemicals and metals...
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    5.3 Oil Pump

    The oil pump in the LS is not in the pan like other engines. It is part of the front of the engine. They rarely fail and I see no reason to replace one if the oil pick up orings is what the problem is.