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    trade surprise

    Yakking with my client about new trucks (he's a General Manager of a local dealership) and was stunned to hear that my 14 RAM is still worth north of 21k!!! I would never have expected that. Of course right now the market is dead, but it is unusual for a truck to hold that much value IMO. 90k...
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    ugly plug photos

    Figured some of you may want to see the plugs from an 18 Chevy Express 3500 with the 6.0. 40k miles! Unbelievably short lived, these were OEM the truck is one year old.
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    Curve ball

    So one of my newest trucks needs plugs. With 40k miles! This despite being AC/Delco iridium fine wires. Completely shot, worn to the insulator! I have run these plugs 200k miles in other vans but not with the new 6.0 with VCT. Can anyone explain how the interval was shortened so drastically?
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    small engine question

    I have two semi trash pumps. One is an old Honda 2" with a GX120 and the other is a 2" Harbor freight cheapo. Can someone give me an idea of how to test the small solid state low oil control module on the side of these engines? Does it have an ohm value or something?
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    How's your idle?

    Please discuss your vehicle's idle quality. I have a 14 RAM 5.7 Hemi that is the king around here. Super smooth and quiet idle, you would never know it has 395 hp on tap. Cheapest fuel in the city yet it runs like new with over 80k miles on it. Another in my stable, 18 Chevy Express 3500 with...
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    wild variations in voltage

    Watching the voltmeter on my newest truck, an 18 Chevy Express 3500 with the 6.0. It goes from just over 12 volts all the way up to nearly 15, truly a wide range. I read online that it is a newer GM idea, but I had never before noticed it in our other GM trucks. Note that vans have always...
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    Ram diff lube

    Having some trouble locating diff lube for my 14 RAM. We have the "high tow" package which includes a 3.92 rear end. The manual asks for Dana spec only. Any clues or good substitutes?
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    Amazing used car find

    My son and I routinely buy used cars to flip. recently we found a 2002 Buick Regal with only 48k miles! This is a real creampuff with leather and in nearly immaculate shape! Best part is it sold for 800 bucks! An amazing deal on a garaged, well maintained car. I bet we get 3 grand or so for it....
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    18 F150 review

    My poor RAM was rear ended last week and we will be in a new 18 F150 for a few weeks. Here are my impressions of it. It's a 3.5 ecoboosted example, a bit of a surprise in a rental fleet. Truly amazing power output, even at low revs. But we all knew that part. It still has that weird...
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    Amazing repairs

    Just finished an amazing repair on a 2013 Chevy Express 3500 which has PTO driven equipment like my trucks do. It looked like some ham fisted idjit had failed to properly tighten the crank pulley on the 6.0 gas engine. Sounds bad but was actually much worse! The pto drive looks like a...
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    used wood floor

    wish I had some pics of an amazing wood floor we serviced this week for a wealthy client in Clearwater. They took the floor from an old building in Chicago and shipped it all down here to a warehouse where their contractor lightly sanded and refinished most of it there and then installed it in...
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    tape tip?

    Don't know how many of you deal with complicated serpentine belts regularly but I was working on my friend's very high mileage work truck and had an inspiration. After reassembly of a catastrophic water pump failure where we replaced idlers and tensioner, etc., I was having issues routing the...
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    new battery

    Got a dead cell in the RAM on Wednesday, too busy to mess with it until this morning. While shopping I discovered a $60.00 discount at Advance Auto Parts!! Got a huge first class Johnson Controls battery for 130 bucks with a 3 year free replacement warranty.
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    new Pilot Sport 4S's

    Finally got a chance to put some miles on the new Pilot 4S tires for my sig car. As you would expect they are terrific. The first 3 days I had them was solid rain every day, and they are simply amazing. They seem a bit better in every performance metric than the PSS's I had. They are even...
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    110K mile suspension improvements

    Just ordered front and rear sway bar bushings, front and rear lower shock bushings, steering rack kit, and some subframe and rear diff bushings. Unbelievably cheap and a huge upgrade from the stock rubber type. And to make sure they help properly I also have my tire guy shopping for new...
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    source for parts

    I used to buy small engine parts from Jack's but they are unable to offer me any real service since my last order. I'd love to try someone else. All suggestions appreciated. Looking for parts for a trash pump, generator, etc. Honda and Subaru powerplants. Carb parts, air cleaners and such...
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    Gorilla Nutz

    Was referred to these as a replacement for the amazingly cheap lug nuts that came on my car. They are simply works of chrome art! Absolutely beautiful and work perfectly on my wheels! Nice nuts, really nice...
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    Elvis' plane!

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    ZF 8 speed fluid and filter

    Did my RAM's transmission service. New fluid from Brian at BND, New pan/integrated filter combo with new bolts from Mopar. FYI this fluid retails for around 40 bucks a quart! BND custom blends this stuff for about half that with superior additive pkg proven in years of dealing with Audis and...
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    New Ultras!

    Yet another set of Gabriel Ultras went on one of our 3500 Express vans this last weekend. This one is a 2013 model with a hair over 100k miles on her. It has been very bouncy lately. The bounce is sometimes aggravated by the extremely stiff front springs our Factory Authorized Upfitter puts in...